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68venable 11-10-14 01:21 PM

SH!FT - Sunday Nov 16, 2014 - Sugarland Sixty
Hey guys!

We've missed a few weeks due to scheduling conflicts and kidney stones... both of which I can take the blame for. This week we are getting back into the routine of things.

Our group is riding out of Sugarland this time. We will start at the Bike Route Bike Shop parking lot. We plan to do about sixty miles. We will go into Fresno, Missouri City and Stafford along the way. There will be two rest stops... one every 20 miles or so. A lot of this is neighborhood riding and as always neighborhoods have stop signs and red lights. We will be stopping at all of these for safety reasons. We will be going over other safety aspects prior to departure at 7am.

We are not a group of racers. Our comfortable riding speed is between 15-22mph. At the end of this ride with all of the lights and stop signs we will probably have a 15-16ish moving avg... if even that high. It's going to be COLD. More details on the site.

Please check out the link and RSVP there (or here if you dont want to make an account). If you have any suggestions for the route to be modified please let us know. Thanks!

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