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Mudu93 01-01-09 09:04 AM

I have

Altus 7 speed shifter/brake lever combo
Altus C10 7 speed rear derailure
Altus C10 triple front derailure
Altus C10 48-38-28 Crankset
Shimano Front and Rear Cantilever Calipers
700 C wheel set Rear Acera 7 speed Hub Weinman 519 rim / Front Joytech Hub Araya rim.


26.2 seatpost
8spd 700c wheelset

mnppunky 01-02-09 05:56 PM

I have: 2008 Windsor Tourist like new with 300 miles no scratches, dents or dings. Stock except for planet bike hardcore fenders, nashbar rack trunk etc! size is 54cm.

Want: Forbidden$ xl bib shorts, xl jerseys or roadbike of= value

MrPolak 01-06-09 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by MrPolak (Post 7440078)
Trade my old 51cm '89 Cannondate ST800 in a so-so condition, for another old touring Cannondale in so-so condition with a bigger 54-56cm frame. Heck, we can just swap frames.

I still have it... I still would like to "trade it".

Andy Andresen 01-17-09 10:03 AM

How much for the honey b17 alone. Need one for friends bike I am building for him.

Andy Andresen 01-17-09 10:07 AM

shimsno triple crank
How much and what kind of condition for the Shimano triple 48-36-26

Andy Andresen 01-17-09 10:19 AM

Perfect rack
I rebuild blackburn racks (or similar knockoffs) because they are very very strong for their lightness, eye appealing and match the rears. The fact that the rear strruts are angled give it great lateral strength. I take about 2 inches off the rack tig welding it, reenforce and flare the welds ,, and put a center frame in with another shaped brace to bolt to the brake hole on the fork crown with the bolt going directly into a 3/8 inch aluminum bar. The attachment to the fork crown is similar to the ones Rivwendell does with their front racks. I built it because I wanted the matching rack on a very cherry Alyeska with lots of sparkly silver bling. Can have one of my teens send a picture if interested.

tblendell 01-19-09 01:41 PM

2 Attachment(s)
i have a pair of Shimano Road shoes R215B carbon sole silver and blue in color size 43 worn maybe 7 or 8 times and otherwise bouncing around my closet for the last year.

would like to trade for a BROOKS saddle relatively newish.
or another pair of shimano carbon soled shoes in size 44.

tblendell a/t/m/a/c/./c/o/m


ricohman 01-19-09 04:59 PM

Wanted: Weinmann concave 700C 40 (or 36) hole rim.
This is old school stuff.

mijome07 01-22-09 02:59 PM

I have (3) brand new (sealed) shoulder straps for handlebar bags, trunks, etc. They have adjustable 1.5 inch nylon webbing, rubber shoulder pads and stainless steel connectors. (PM) for pictures.

doOde 01-26-09 09:10 PM


dit 01-27-09 12:18 PM

I have a Klein Pulse Race that has had very little use. I bought it used from a cute young lady that was moving out of state. I would consider trading for either an older steel race bike or steel touring bike in a 56cm. I would prefer not to ship but.........

accordionfolder 01-27-09 01:52 PM

I have

Profile Aero Bars w/ horns

Bontrager Inform Size 8.5/42 - Perfect condition, bought new for 150 (found on longer rides to cramp my toes, just a bit too small), great shoe w/ interesting soul...

Shimano SPD SL clipless pedals, pretty much brand new; got them w/ a little used bike in a trade

Finally a Trek 1000 54 cm, total of 70 miles on it, bought it from a friend that never used it to try out the triathlon style stuff and found I didn't like the position on this particular bike, nothing wrong with it at all.


Shimano Nexus 8 spd IGH (or comparable I-Motion 9, alfine, etc)

Another bike, same size, just something different.

I can get more pictures of anything you need, just let me know.



maxd 01-29-09 12:13 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Have a Raleigh Classic 15. Older or vintage touring bicycle 20+ (1984 or 1985) years old. In great shape for it's age. Reynolds 531 double butted steel. Brooks seat, blackburn racks, bluemels fenders, all stock/ original. rides great. 64 cm 35" standover. UK model, never available in US.

want- a 54 cm frame or bike, looking for a cross frame to try out, but a road frame i suppose. i would prefer a nice steel frame to anything, but let me know what you have that would fit me. also interested in any extra XTR mtb components, chris king headset 1 1/8, xc mtb fork~80mm travel

Lamplight 01-29-09 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by Lamplight (Post 7442560)
I have a Nitto Campee rear rack I can no longer use. I sold the Miyata I was going to use it on, and I plan to get and LHT and would rather use a more "normal" rack for it instead. I was planning to build up the Miyata in a very traditional fashion, with Ostrich panniers and handlebar bag, and I think I just lost interest. I also have a Campee front rack if someone wants it as well, although I can still use it on the LHT so I don't have to get rid of it. I'd like to trade for the Nitto large rear rack (like Rivendell sells) but I'd be fine with a Tubus or Surly rack as well. Thanks.

Still have both Campee racks but I'm using my Surly Nice Racks on my LHT now so I'm covered there. But if you are interested in the racks and have something else to trade, I'm open to suggestions.


miamijim 01-29-09 12:13 PM

Have: Raleigh R300 touring bike in mint like condition.
Want: 54-ish CM 80's steel lugged road frame of forbidden item.

IceNine 01-29-09 07:06 PM

Have 1979 Miyata Gran Touring. This is the predecessor to the renowed Miyata 1000 which came out a couple years after this bike was built. Seat tube ctc = 57 cm. Top tube = 56 cm. Well used and paint far from perfect but rides terrific. Has a little rust, but I was going to treat it with oxalic acid when it warms up. Was originally 120 rear spacing but has been cold set to 126mm to accept 6 or 7 speed freewheel. The wheels in the picture are no longer available. Bike includes original rear rack in the picture.

Want: panniers or Bob Yak. Also looking for decent 700C or 26" wheelset. Also looking for suntour barcons and 120mm Nitto technomic theaded stem.

bokerfest 01-29-09 09:25 PM

edit: I forgot to change my location on the left. I am now in Endicott, NE.

A Burley Nomad touring trailer. Has only a few hundred miles on it. Great Condition.

A tent. My preference is a 2 person and weighs around 4lb. A dull color or something that works good for stealth camping.

Andy Andresen 01-31-09 07:36 PM

have steer horn bars that I can't get my combo shifter brake levers down. Never used but I think they might be comfortable. Interested in trying some trekking barr\s and would be willing to buy from you or buy and trade (treking bars are more expensive than mine.

Andy Grand Rapids, Michigan

TheatreME 02-06-09 02:03 PM

Here is my list:


Old Fuji Supreme: 22in Seat tube C-C, 22 top tube C-C, with Fuji double, Suntour AR Front and Rear Derailers. I picked this up from the trash bin so there is some surface rust. 12 speed. Takes 26 in wheels. I have both, but one of the rims is shot. (will definately part out if desired)

Suntour Vgt rear derailer

Sugino XD600 Crank 175mm arms 48/36/26 <1500 mi

Shimano low end mountain triple

older Tourney Crank (double) light rust

Couple stems of various sizes

Medium MKS toe clips (unused)

MKS Sylvan Road Pedals


Brooks B17 or Champion Flyer

Fenders for 26in wheels (ideally larger 60mm size)

front platform rack

26in xtracycle (a long shot I know)

positron 02-06-09 02:30 PM

Have an awesome vintage Eclipse rear rack - the kind that had matching panniers, with proprietary attachment. Great platform on top.

always looking for vintage shimano/sugino/suntour MTB stuff... early XT pedals, or derailleurs,

basically just want this cool old rack to go to a good home, but id trade for something...

mnppunky 02-07-09 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by mnppunky (Post 8114295)
I have: 2008 Windsor Tourist like new with 300 miles no scratches, dents or dings. Stock except for planet bike hardcore fenders, nashbar rack trunk etc! size is 54cm.

Want: Forbidden$ xl bib shorts, xl jerseys or roadbike of= value

Bike is now on Ebay auction #220357928321

kesroberts 02-09-09 08:52 PM

have a thermarest "Trail Comfort" pad with stuffsack.

looking for 165mm crank for a mountain bike.

rodar y rodar 02-11-09 11:04 AM

Thermarest Prolite 4- small size (20 x 48?) used four nights- needs to find a weight weenie or a younger back
Origin 8 Gary bars (Midge knockoffs) mounted but never used
XT V-brake calipers, one bike`s worth, new in boxes, one complete, the other I robbed the cartridge holders from

BA Aircore full size (72 or 78 in)
generic hoods for non aero Record/Superbe levers (black or gum)
CB Candies pedals

earthe5ive 02-11-09 11:57 AM

older Campy Record 36 hole rear f/w hub - in great shape - no pits, smooth as butter
a lesser campy 32 hole front hub
older dura-ace rear derailleur - it has blue pulley wheels
new, never used, southern tier, southern part of atlantic coast, grand canyon connector, parts of western express, adventure cycling maps.

transamerica maps
front panniers

Neil_B 02-18-09 12:09 PM

I have a bunch of gear, much of which isn't touring specific. This list is copied from the Clydesdale/Athena Forum:


Originally Posted by The Historian (Post 8336258)
I have for trade the following stuff:

- Weight Training for Cyclists
- How to Mountain Bike Like A Champion by Ned Overend.
- Beginning Cyclist Handbook from Rodale
- Bicycling Magazine's Training Techniques for Cyclists
- Training for Cycling by Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter
- Tour de France Companion by Bob Roll, 2004 edition
- The Immortal Class: Bike Messengers and the Cult of Human Power. Former library book, with plastic dustcover.
- The Fat of the Land by Michael Fumento

- DMT Mag Force, size 47. They comfortably fit my size 12 EEEE feet. The cleats (Shimano Road) are in very good condition. The shoes have less than 100 miles on them.

- 1 set of cheap plastic platform pedals
- 1 set of Shimano Road pedals, used less than 100 miles.

- Trek grocery bag panniers. Very well-worn but still usuable.

- Long sleeve Performance racing jersey, red and gray, size XL. Even at 240 pounds it was too small for me. I think I've worn it once. No pockets in the back.

- Wrench Force frame pump.

- Performance long-fingered winter riding gloves, size L
- Performance neoprene winter riding gloves, size L


I want (from most extravagant to more reasonable):
- recumbent bicycle (it never hurts to ask, does it? )
- large size panniers for touring and commuting
- large size platform or flat pedals for touring, such as MKS or the kind Rivendell sells.
- strong headlight system for night riding
- fork for a BOB trailer
- steel or aluminum fork to replace the carbon fork on my Trek 7.5 fx.
- Power Grips

Please PM me if you are interested in trading for any or all of these things.

Adding to the list of stuff to trade, two jerseys:

- Fat Cyclist in orange and black, size XXL
- Fat Cyclist in pink and black ("Winning for Susan" design), size XXL
both in OK condition. They were too small for me even at 240, and don't fit well on a guy with a long torso.

- one pair arm warmers, yellow, printed with "BCP Scenic Schuylkill Century" on the side.

In addition to my somewhat extravagant list of things I want, if anyone wants to suggest a trade of something else, let me know. I'm new to bikes and still don't know what I need.

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