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Randallstek 05-05-09 08:58 AM

Have: Fuji Saratoga Touring complete bike. 23" frame. This site has the rest of the specs. Only difference is the one I have does NOT have low rider rack mounts - but does have double eyelets front and rear. Rear rack mounts. 3 bottle cage mounts. cantis. 7 speed index shifting rear. triple up front. Its a nice bike that has not been ridden much.
pm for pictures of actual bike.

edit: Bike is no longer available. 5/26/09

Want: Nitto heavy duty front rack, campee or the Rivendell nice rack. Panniers. Generator lights.

Accident 05-19-09 10:26 AM

Have: Arkel Large Handlebar Bag-Yellow with mounts-Unused

Want: Tubus Tara Rack
What've you got?

SambaMixte 05-20-09 12:19 AM

Nitto Olympeade 114 handlebars in used condition,
Ritchey biomax 420mm (off 2008 Aurora)

Want: Nitto Randonneurs 44/45 cm

Raffi 06-01-09 06:36 AM

I'm looking to trade my black 2008 Trek 520 frame, fork, and what ever other parts that make the trade easier for a surly cross check, or Surly steamroller.
Any interested?

accordionfolder 06-14-09 06:48 AM

Have a 54cm Hunter Green Windsor Tourist w/ around 300 in city miles on it. Cinelli forward grips, ortlieb back roller panniers, trunk bag on the front, and panniers. Great condition, I managed to slide the other day so the grip tape on the right side is a bit jacked, but other than that no damage.

Another 54ish cm bike, or equivalent mountain bike.

This would make a great grocery getter, commuter, or touring bike.

cr121982 06-25-09 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by Accident (Post 8945582)
Have: Arkel Large Handlebar Bag-Yellow with mounts-Unused

Want: Tubus Tara Rack
What've you got?

If you're still looking for the tara, check out eBay. you might be able to get a deal.


RobbieTunes 06-28-09 08:44 PM

VERY tall tourer.....

Danimal89 06-29-09 05:51 AM

saw this in the local CL

Everything to go touring: 1996 Bianchi Volpe, 58cm (23”) formerly an RSX 7-speeed. Improvements include spreading and realigning the rear triangle to accommodate a 135mm hub, new 36-spoke hybrid wheels (so I could use Schrader valves) with an 11-30 mega-range 8-speed cassette, replacing the 1” threaded fork with a modern threadless touring fork with low rider mounts and replacing the handlebars and stem with current stuff. The STI levers were replaced with bar-end shifters and road levers, the rear derailleur was replaced with a Deore XT model, eyelet extensions were fabricated to allow a rear rack as well as fenders to be mounted, and all cables were replaced.
Specifically, the front fork is from NYC Bikes through eBay, 1” threadless uncircumcised with inches of spacers, with lowrider mounts, the headset is a new 1” Ritchey Logic, stem is a new 110mm Aeron Price Point aluminum 17 deg. 25.4mm dia., bars are new Price Point aluminum 44cm 25.4mm dia., bar-end shifters are new Shimano SL-BS50-L 8-speed, brakes are Alivio cantilevers with recent pads, levers are new Tektro R200A Ergos in black, tape is black generic, cyclometer is a new Pyramid 8-function, front derailleur is the original RSX triple, which works fine, bottom bracket is probably the original cartridge Shimano BB-LP26, which makes no noise and is tight, seatpost is the original 26.8mm Kalloy, wheels are new bombproof hybrid 36-spoke XRims 202 with Shimano FH-RM40-8 hubs, drilled for Schreader valves, cassette is a new Sun Race 11-30, tires are new Michelin Trans World Kevlar 700c X 35, rear derailleur is a Shimano XT, rear rack is a used Jim Blackburn, front racks are used Axiom Journeys. The only things that weren’t replaced are the front derailleur, bottom bracket, brake cantis, downtube adjusters and seatpost. The pedals shown in the photos aren’t included, but I’ll include some flatties. And since saddles are a matter of personal preference, I’ll let the bike go with a Rapido touring saddle from the 90’s. I also have the original 7-speed wheels and tires, gooseneck stem, Nitto handlebars, headset and fork. The Zefal frame pump in the photos goes with the bike.
The rear panniers are TransIt Pro DX 2480 ci with rain covers, the front panniers are Nashbar ATB 2350 ci that came without the rain covers (disposable shower caps work fine), I’ll throw in the cheap Bell handlebar bag and a Bushwacker seat bag.
The sleeping bag is a Kelty Saturn 30 deg. mummy bag synthetic fill 2-1/2 lbs., brand new, never used. The ground pad is a Field & Stream 1-1/2" thick full-size inflatable model that rolls up to 6" X 10", brand new. The tent is a Wenzel Starlite 1-1/2 man, modified. The steel stakes were replaced with aluminum ones from Dick’s, the poles were replaced with thinner ones from an umbrella tent, bringing the weight down to 2 lbs., 6 oz. I have the stock poles to go with it. The tent has never been camped in, just set up and wet-tested. Included is a coated nylon ground cloth and a rainfly, both from an old pup tent. By the way, the tent was seam-sealed 4 times.
Almost all of the accessories are reflectorized, including the tires, panniers, handlebar bag and seat bag.
This is a package deal. I’d consider breaking it up, but not before seeing the response I get altogether.
Please respond with a legitimate phone number.

bfletcher 07-03-09 08:42 AM

Looking for Tricross specific rack set
Anyone that has used set or the front and rear or just one of. I am interested.

bfletcher 07-03-09 08:52 AM

Specialized Tricross rack set:

Anyone that has used set of the front and rear or just one of. I am interested.

rpk0925 07-03-09 09:21 AM

I'm looking for a bracket made for a 1980 Kirtland Tour Pak front handlebar bag. Thanks!

kentileguy 07-12-09 08:32 PM

WTT 1984 Trek 620 frameset
Looking to trade a 19" 1984 Trek 620 frameset in good condition ( no dents dings or rust) for similar 22"(56cm)frameset

iforgotmename 07-22-09 05:17 PM

I have a set of 9 sp shimano xt thumbshifter brake lever combos. I am just beginning to bikecamp/tour let me know if anyone has anything interesting. They work fine I just went to drops, can send pics. Thanks, Dennis

rothenfield1 07-24-09 12:14 PM

I have a mid-80's Specialized Expedition that I would trade for a 8 or 9 speed upper-end Campy group for a mid-90's Bianchi reporto course frame. I live in the SF Bay Area.

phoenix 07-24-09 08:05 PM

Looking for a handlebar bag, need it fairly quick, by Wednesday to be specific. Something along the lines of a Carradice, Acorn or Velo Orange with all necessary hardware preferred.

PM me if you have something, thanks!

iforgotmename 07-25-09 12:06 AM

There is a guy on th mountain bike trade forum that wants a midge and has a couple of scott bars...not sure if that is what you are looking for. Just a suggestion:D

digitalbicycle 07-29-09 07:19 PM

Nice 26" wheelset, preferably with 126mm hubs for 7spd freewheel
Nitto or Surly racks
8cm Nitto Dirtdrop stem
Assorted other stuff for my 26" tourer build

Some miscellaneous vintage parts
A 25" Schwinn Voyageur built up for loaded touring I'm debating trading

bboy314 08-09-09 11:21 AM

Have: Tektro aero brake levers for V-Brakes. Installed, never used. Ordered the wrong levers as I have cantis.

Want: ???

GlennO 08-09-09 08:16 PM

I would be interested in your Schwinn.

SteverMD 08-11-09 07:45 PM

Trek 520 2008
What size is the Black Trek 520 Frame?

tgbikes 08-15-09 05:24 AM

Have profile airstryke ZB and another set that I cut in two. Looking for 175 double square shimano crank set. 600 would be best, would think about others.

vengeful_lemon 08-16-09 09:54 AM


Hubbub adapter (73mm)
Only used for about 50 miles. great shape. shiny-new.
9-speed shimano HG cassette and hub both in good shape and some loose HG sprockets. Park 12-spline HG lockring tool. shimano 600 front derailer and accompanying DT shifter.
Other stuff


not sure, but interested in
Wald 137 basket without hardware, cargo net, bolt-on pump peg, small saddle bag, 1 1/8th" canti cable hanger with barrel adjust. mustache bars, another pair of coolstop mountain compound pads. just about anything neato.

Lots of different things, really. Pretty flexible, and don't want a lot for what i've got, just want it in a good home.

PM me.

kalifornsky 08-17-09 09:34 PM

ISO/WTB: 54ish Fuji Touring Series V frame/fork, or something similar, see signature

Have: Lots of parts, handle bars, quills, some STI levers, a bike here and there, etc. Basically, if someone has a frame, lets start talking! Thanks!

yeamac 08-21-09 06:44 AM

Looking to trade Tubus Duo with Tubus Tara front lowrider rack
I bought a Tubus Duo front rack, but my Cannondale T2 only has mid-braze-ons on the outside of the fork and not the inside, which the Duo requires. So I have a brand new Tubus Duo front lowrider rack, never installed with all original packaging that I would like to trade

for a Tubus Tara lowrider front rack

They both sell for the same price ($110) so I am looking for an even trade. I am in the USA and would prefer to ship domestically. PM me if interested.

Voyageur_guy 08-27-09 08:18 AM

1 Attachment(s)

91' schwinn voyageur
tange frame and fork
suntour FD RD and bar ends
would put on stock saddle and pedals (saddle is a little worn and has small rip)

WANT: race bike with more aggressive geometry 700c wheels. open to year and brand.

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