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bikemig 11-27-15 01:11 PM

If you're really going lightweight, you may want to try out a down quilt in which case you'll need a full mattress.

Ekdog 11-27-15 03:31 PM

Originally Posted by staehpj1 (Post 18347872)
Maybe, but I wonder if the inertia might be warmer that it would seem. Reason? I think the sleeping bag may loft into the big holes. Just speculating.

That's the idea anyway.

Aidoneus 12-04-15 10:47 AM

Originally Posted by Ekdog (Post 18337954)
Have any of you tried the Klymit Inertia X Frame sleeping pad. At 9.1 ounces, it's supposed to be the world's lightest sleeping pad and, according to this review, it's very comfortable.

How young and light are you? What climate will you experience? With cut-outs you will almost certainly need a full bag.

You can save more weight with the Klymite Static V pad (about a pound) combined with a quilt that attaches to the pad with straps, probably even with a winter-weight down quilt such as my Enlightened Revelation (almost 2 pounds). The Static V packs down to the size of a nalgene bottle, and I find it pretty comfortable. OTOH, I use a Exped 9 down pad for winter camping. In fact, I look more and more longingly at it for year round use the older I get. ;-)

suburbanbeat 12-04-15 02:57 PM

My NeoAir X-therm is as light as I could expect a quality sleeping pad to ever be. Keeps me warm, and packs incredibly small (about the size of a tall-boy beer can). Only issue is that it's kind of noisy. Otherwise, incredibly light and comfortable pad.

robert schlatte 12-04-15 03:08 PM

I have a Klymit static v which is 18 oz. so about twice the weight and is comfortable enough for me. I considered the X frame but it looked a little too weird.

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