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mdilthey 12-06-15 09:21 AM

Minimal Rear Rack for a 29er?
It's winter touring time!


Trying out some deep-winter bikepacking again this year. I've got the wide tires and sone good snowboots. My girlfriend got a rear rack for a pair of Ortliebs, since frame space is low on a small.

I know I can fit everything I need on my Large without racks (did it last year), but with cold hands, I am thinking about using a pair of Ortlieb front-rollers on a rear rack for ease of packing/unpacking with gloves on.

So, I'm looking for the following:

-Rear rack
-Disc Brake Compatible
-Lightweight, Minimal (will carry 20lb load max)
-Wide enough for a 2.4" tire*****

I think my current front-runner is the Old Man Mountain rear rack, but I would love a less expensive option to explore, too.

alan s 12-06-15 09:47 AM

OMM is the way to go. I have the front rack on my Troll, and small Ortleib panniers fit fine, so you may want to consider using the front rack on the rear. Strength to weight ratio and quality of OMM racks is high. I dealt directly with the folks at OMM for getting all the hardware needed for a custom fit.

Nice bars, BTW.;)

fietsbob 12-06-15 10:07 AM

Arkel seat post rack Arkel Randonneur Rack - Seat Post Rack - Carbon Seat Post Friendly

rifraf 12-06-15 11:17 AM

What determines rear rack disk brake compatibility?
I know with my Ogre (with disks) I could use either the Tubus Cargo or Cosmo.
I went stainless Cosmo (I live coastal) and can vouch for a 2.35 tire fitment with ease.
I put on Big Apples initially in 2.35 before dealing it back to 2.00 Mondials.
I'd bet both the above racks could handle 2.4 ok with some room to spare.
I'll try to find a pic to show the clearance....

Sorry nothing suitable showing a close up of the gaps.

Just had a quick squiz at the Tubus site.
They suggest a conservative 60mm/2.35" max tire for their large fitting racks which include the Vega (375g hauling 25kg)

Not sure if is competitive price-wise for those in the States but they stock the Vega.

The others that handle 60mm are larger and heavier due to larger carrying capacity.
I've not mentioned them due to your stated low load.

I spotted in the Tubus info:

With our adapter set for QR-axle-mounting (Art. 71500) you can also make any other Tubus-carrier ready for a bike with disc brakes."

Another to possibly consider might be a seatpost rack?
Whoops, already mentioned above.

bmike 12-06-15 11:44 AM

Relatively cheap:

Journey Disc - Journey - Racks - Products - Axiom Cycling Gear

We have one of their narrow road versions on my wife's Casseroll and I've been impressed at the quality.

bmike 12-06-15 11:48 AM

Also check out the Salsa HD wanderlust. $$ not sure if it will work with the brake mount but it does fit Disc Truckers

Salsa Wanderlust Rear Bicycle Rack

Tourist in MSN 12-06-15 06:07 PM

One of the disc brake compatable options from Toppeak?

I do not own one of their racks, but friends of mine do. I think the design is pretty solid looking.

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