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3speed 02-01-18 05:23 AM

Anyone done the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica?
A friend and I are about to ride down the cost of the Nicoya Peninsula. Has anyone here ridden it before? Any advice? How expensive was daily living(we'll be camping)? Is it common for locals to speak English or are we gonna be struggling a bit on our limited Spanish?

axolotl 02-01-18 07:51 AM

I toured in Costa Rica but not on the Nicoya peninsula. I was nearby, including Punta Arenas and the area north of Punta Arenas. Costa Rican roads are often in bad condition. Some unpaved roads I biked on were better than some paved roads there. Don't expect too many folks to speak English outside of places which cater to tourists. I speak Spanish moderately well, so it wasn't an issue for me. A guidebook should give you an idea of prices.

Brian25 02-01-18 08:58 AM

Brian Becker is touring down in Costa Rica right now, you can look at his journal on the "crazy guy on a bike" website. Brian does not speak Spanish, and he seems to be surviving. He is staying at inexpensive hotels (<$20 / night)

fietsbob 02-01-18 11:09 AM

CGOAB has lots of writers posting, there rather than here..

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