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womble 06-15-05 03:21 AM

Giant hard cases?

Does anyone know of any manufacturers of generic hard cases that can be used to hold a bike? I'm not referring to bike-specific cases such as the Tri All or the Trico Ironman as I want something that can also hold a large amount of luggage. Something along the dimensions of a standard cardboard bike box, but made of something more durable. I'm not cycle touring- rather I'm moving around different countries this year and want to take a bike with me. I've checked Pelican, and the largest case they do isn't anywhere near big enough.


womble 06-18-05 12:44 PM

<bump> anyone?

GeorgeBaby 06-18-05 01:04 PM

Have you tried

Primevci 06-18-05 03:27 PM


womble 06-19-05 01:13 AM

Originally Posted by GeorgeBaby

Hey- that was a neat site. Thanks for that.

womble 06-19-05 01:14 AM

Originally Posted by Primevci

Thanks... turns out that big non-specific cases are even more expensive than bike cases though- something big enough for a bike would be close to a grand! And 66lbs in aluminium :eek:

Primevci 06-19-05 12:17 PM

yea i was looking at them for my 10 inch DOB "telescope" then my jaw droped :)

mwilbo 07-02-05 12:32 AM

I may have just what you need ... I had several problems with the flimsy boxes from local bike shops so I built a ruggedized version for the 3 -4 tours I do each year. Check out this link for the details ...


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