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prairiepedaler 06-09-18 06:31 PM

L'il Help - Wide Platform Rear Rack Sought
Hi, I'm looking for a rear rack for a 26" hardtail MTB. It's difficult to find one which has a really large top platform. "Massload" made one once upon a time, NLA (see photos).
I like the length of that Massload and wider would be even better. I have also found many racks that will fit an older hardtail place the top platform too far away from the top of the tire. I'd like to get the load a little lower down. Maybe a 24" rack on a 26'er? I like racks that don't rise up near the back end (i.e. form a saddle shape with front of the platform). the rack doesn't even need to have a platform if the tubing is flat. Opinions on similar rear racks seen out and about and in the wild would be welcome. TIA.

Happy Feet 06-09-18 07:42 PM

This is a pretty wide rack sold at MEC: Filzer PR4 . Aluminum but thick gauged tubing and pretty robust. Also has an attachment point for a seat post style rear light

prairiepedaler 06-10-18 07:42 AM

Hi feet, thanks for sharing the picture. That is your ride? If so, how long is the top section? I read on MEC Q&A it's width is 6.5" which is pretty good. Apparently the rack is height adjustable as well to position it lower if neccessary; another plus

Happy Feet 06-10-18 09:20 AM

One of them :)
It is 16x6.5 inches and adjustable for seat post and seat stay attachment points.

fietsbob 06-10-18 09:55 AM

Tubus Cargo rack? they make a 26" wheel version.. Tubus Racks

prairiepedaler 06-11-18 07:59 AM

The Tubus ones are nice, but $$$ and I think that the overall length wouldn't do in this case. Nice racks though, undoubtedly. The Filzer; I'll ride the bike into MEC and see what the rack looks like on it. Too bad only black is available. I think I may have to build an appropriate rack for mule hauling, probably from cro-mo tubing and by-pass the 6061. Never built anything like that before.

prairiepedaler 06-12-18 03:13 PM

Ok, I had a looksee in the flesh at that Filzer. It's a good candidate and the mounting points will just fit. However, I do think it is going to fail at the rear portion given the loads and pressure points it will be exposed to. The manufacturers didn't tack the joint where the tube ends butt up together and that is where I snapped the previous one which did have plenty of welding there. I could take a picture of it for this thread.

linus 06-13-18 10:53 AM

Maybe something like this?
local basket front or rear rack

prairiepedaler 06-15-18 06:46 AM

Hi Linus, I have an old blackburn pannier rack on the front which will be sufficient. I was looking for rear racks only for this application. Tnxs though

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