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Andra 30 tubeless

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Andra 30 tubeless

Old 05-24-19, 12:27 PM
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Andra 30 tubeless

Feels like this rim is the best choice for heavy loaded touring ebike.
Tubeless tyres are although great obvious option.
Does anyone tried to build tubeless wheels on Ryde Andra 30 rims?
Should I try, or no chance?
Official retailer replied that this rim not for tubeless systems, but how I know, everything a little bit less transparent Anyone's experience?
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Old 05-24-19, 04:06 PM
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The Andra 30s are one of the strongest rims available. I built a set of wheels for my sons touring bicycle with these rims. I put the largest tubes that will fit the tires. I did this for dependability. I have looked into tubeless quite thoroughly. I believe you can make tubeless work with most any setup. I believe you would still have more dependability with tubes over tubeless. I am sure someone that is into tubeless will have more info.
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Old 05-26-19, 12:42 AM
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Thank you for straight and objective reply.
Why you think tube wheels will be more reliable than tubeless?
I will have long tour, and any pinch flat with subsequent wheel disassemble for exchanging tube, taking in mind that I have heavy ebike, will not become a fun coffee-break...

So, how real users usually describe tubeless wheels with sealant inside: I forgot about 95% flats I previously had on this route... Sound fine enough to try to build tubeless wheel on a rim, that wasn't tubeless ready.

And yep, hardly awaiting for anyone with a transparent similar tubeless experience.
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Old 05-26-19, 03:43 AM
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Iíve used a ďghetto tubelessĒ setup with Gorilla Tape and Stans sealant. It was on tubeless rims, and with regular tires made to be used with tubes. I had the great experience that you hear about tubeless. The tires seem to roll a little better and you donít get flats. One thing I wonder about is that you mentioned pinch flats as your concern. If youíre doing an ebike tour, in my opinion, you shouldnít have to worry about pinch flats at all. Your tires should be aired up properly to avoid pinch flats. The only time I can think of getting a pinch flat is when mountain biking, when low tire pressures are run, mostly for the sake of traction. If you get a pinch flat outside of mountain biking, the tire didnít have enough air pressure. If you want to run lower pressure, for the sake of a smoother ride or something, you should use a higher volume tire. If your frame wonít accept a higher volume tire, your only options as far as I know, are to either use a higher pressure than you prefer, or abuse the wheel system by running lower pressure than you should. If you choose to run a lower pressure than you should, youíll have to accept potential pinch flats, rim damage, wheel failure, and tire damage. If the concern is avoiding flats due to punctures, tubeless with Stanís sealant should greatly reduce, if not eliminate flats. One thing to consider is that if you do get a flat, it will be a much bigger hassle than with a tubed tire. The inside of your tire will be full of sealant. If you end up having to put a tube into the tire, it will get stuck to the tire as if it had a light glue on it. Youíll have to peel it off. Then itíll be covered in sealant gunk, as will the inside of the tire. Personally, I recommend tubeless and will most definitely use it for future tours. Iíve only used it on one wheel-set. I never had to worry about the gunk on the tires or tubes because I wore the tires out completely and never had a flat. At that point you just remove the tires, throw them away, and install new tires and sealant. But there are trade-offs if you do get a flat.
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Old 05-26-19, 03:47 AM
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I run tubeless touring now. Haven't used the Andras only Rhynolite Xls and DT Swiss F630, both allegedly not tubeless compatible. The F630 works great with just normal tubeless rim tape. The Rhynolite XL needed Joes rubber Rim strips to fit snug-ly. You need the bead to be a tight fit on the rim, the extra thickness of the Joes strip packs out the gap, and since the XL has a flat profile it tends to hold the tire in place, somewhat like the F630 Not sure how the Andra would go with the deep well in the middle and the small shoulder for the bead to sit on.
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Old 05-26-19, 07:22 AM
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Not sure if my experience is relevant or not, It may depend on the tire size you plan to run. I have no experience with the Ryde Andra 30 rims at all and have not toured on tubeless so my experience may not be applicable.

That said, I will say that my Stan's No Tubes setup has been a god send on my mountain bike. I went from at least weekly flats if not more often to no flats at all. It also seems to provide a little more supple ride by providing a bit more supple effective sidewall with the elimination of the tube. That last may be subjective and is hard to compare since tires vary any way, but the difference in frequency of thorn flats is huge and a great plus.

People complain about messiness. I have not found that to be an issue at all. Even when I needed to remove one bead to replace a spoke nipple it wasn't a problem. If you do get the sealant on your hands it is water based and washes right off, but I managed to keep my hands pretty clean.

On tour, I'd probably carry a tube just in case.

My touring is ultralight these days so I go full road bike when on pavement and am not too likely to go tubeless, but for mixed on/off road I think I'd either take my mountain bike with tubeless or if I were to build up a gravel grinder or mixed surface tourer I be likely to go tubeless.
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Old 05-26-19, 08:04 AM
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On my last your I used the spare tire I brought with me..
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Old 02-27-21, 07:41 AM
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Some time passed here... Did someone tried to go tubless with the ryde andra 30 rims now?
Please let me know your experience.
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Old 12-22-22, 04:37 AM
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Year later, anyone tried Andra Ryde 30/40 rims tubeless?
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Old 12-22-22, 09:55 AM
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I built the wheels for our tandem with Andra 35. Andras are indeed strong, but of course with a rotating weight cost. I don't know the OPs typical touring surfaces. In the on-going saga tube v tubeless, in the last 10,000 miles of loaded touring, including AZ (where we are now) we have had no flats with tubes, and a loaded tandem is hard on tires. However, in AZ, we stick to paved roads and I check for thorns more often. If we were to ride off road in AZ, I would switch to tubeless. Since most of our touring is not in AZ, I see tubeless as an added hassle. The known reliability of fixing tubed tires in the middle of nowhere is important. Perhaps if I were to switch to tubeless and toured for many 10,000's of miles, I would gain such assuredness, or not.
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Old 12-22-22, 10:21 AM
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The andra 30 isn't a tubeless ready rim. You can technically tape up the rim to make it hold air, but unfortunately the internal shape isn't suitable for tubeless use.

tubeless rims are shaped in such a way that they hold the tire tight against the rim even when deflated. The andra 30 won't do that and the tire will fall right off the bead shelf when pressure is lost, making rapid deflations due to punctures and subsequent burps dangerous.

I've done my share of ghetto tubeless with non tubeless rims and I wouldn't do it again. Tubeless rims are the way to go.
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