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zebkedic 12-13-20 12:59 PM

Katy Trail Bikepacking
This fall we did the full Katy Trail and took along a couple of friends who were new to bikepacking. We documented the ride and route a bit with videos so thought I would share the first in the series in case anyone has interest in where we camped, and what a fall ride might look like. Hope you enjoy! All the remaining videos are complete now as well :)


boomhauer 12-13-20 06:45 PM

Great drone footage!
I think you gave a very realistic look to people who are considering riding the Katy trail.
You didn't glamorize it at all. Many times in the late fall not much is open and you are often left to fend for yourself.
Great job!

zebkedic 12-16-20 01:46 PM

Thanks! I agree that you have to be prepared to just get by with the possibility that some things will be closed.

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