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Yair 04-05-21 03:24 AM

Tandem -Rhine Cycle Route
hi all, we are planning to do the full route with a tandem bike, still in the planning phase, any recommendation for logistic services? we are looking for a service to drop our bags from one hotel to the next one
appreciate any idea or thought on the subject

raybo 04-05-21 06:51 AM

The Rhine route is a very popular route. You should have no problem finding touring companies that will offer whatever services you want from luggage forwarding to reserving hotels to fully planning the route for you. They might even offer drop-off and pick-up services.

Do a search for Rhine river route and look for cycling companies. Here is one (of many) examples:

DangerousDanR 04-05-21 09:47 AM

We used a service called Nanny Bag to store our tandem cases. We have also used a month to month storage locker service. Our day to day stuff comes with us on the bike. We carry one "not on a bike" set of clothes and one spare cycling kit. We make liberal use of the postal services to send stuff home, like the 10 meters of Harris Tweed we bought from a weaver in Carloway Scotland.

We have always made our tour route start and stop in a common point. For example: touring the Isle of Skye we fly into Glasgow, assemble the bike, and stow the cases with whoever we can. Then, we take a train to our starting point Kyle of Lochaish. Ride up one side of Skye and back down the other. Wind up in Fort William. Take the train back to Glasgow.

Our next hoped for trip will be the Loire valley. We will stow the cases in Paris, take a train to our starting point, ride down the Loire, then take a train back to Paris. On our previous tour in France Mrs. Dan bought some fabric in a shop there and we posted it back home.

For the Rhine we might fly into Amsterdam or Zurich, stow the tandem cases, then take a train to our starting point. Ride, and take a train back to the cases. The train rides have been fairly inexpensive and they often take you through some beautiful scenery.

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