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redbagsrambler 04-22-21 09:53 AM

Packing an iPad
Hi, Everyone.

I will be departing coastal North Carolina in mid-May. I have a time window of nearly four months and a general route in mind. Other than that, I'm pretty much simply heading west until either the road or my motivation runs out.

The only device I've carried in the past is my iPhone. This year I picked up an iPad to take with me. I'm looking for recommendations on how to pack it with the least risk of damage. I'm certain some of you have already addressed this, but I couldn't find anything through the forum search.

Thanks for helping me out.

njkayaker 04-22-21 11:34 AM

Get a small one and the smallest Pelican case that will fit it.

Doug64 04-22-21 12:54 PM

My wife and I have toured with our current netbook for about 20,000 miles. I just wrap it in some clothes and slide it into my rear pannier. Keep it in the middle, away from the sides , and it should be fine. The panniers are Orlieb, and they are waterproof. The netbook is also in a thin neoprene sleeve.

fourfa 04-22-21 12:59 PM

Assuming this goes in a fully-waterproof pannier... Personally I'd go with a full-zip neoprene sleeve (with a semi-rigid cardboard/plastic panel over the screen), and maybe a waterproof zip bag over that when needed. Big sturdy ziploc freezer bag would do, or an Aloksak if you want sturdier. I've had the same set of Aloksaks for more than 10-15? years and they've held up well to heavy use including SE Asia monsoon seasons, highly recommended.

Another option is something like this, which I used for a 15" laptop on a 3-month bike tour with good success (don't ask why I brought a full size laptop and DSLR camera system on bike tour, lol). I see an 11" size which should match the regular size iPads, 13" should work for the 12.9" Pro (an excellent device BTW). On my older 15" I had to add a little padding on the bottom edge of the interior sleeve (opposite the opening) where it was too thin

I have traveled extensively with a laptop in a Pelican case (backpacking, not bike touring, again with large camera system) and it's just bulkier than was really necessary. I only use it for truck duty now where crates bounce around a lot on washboard backcountry roads, and dust intrusion is unstoppable

veganbikes 04-22-21 03:32 PM

Mine has been in a Lifeproof case for 7 years or so and has been dropped many times and thrown into bags and is still working just fine with zero issues (aside from Youtube app refusing to work anymore) that is my recommendation for any phone or tableting device. My phone case looks beat to hell but my phone looks nearly brand new (for being 5 years old or so) but that probably sees way more use and wear being that I carry it with my almost all the time where my iPad mostly lives at home.

raybo 04-22-21 03:56 PM

I tour with an older iPad and have done so for years. It has a flip-top case that is some thin faux-leather material. When I ride, I slide it into a pannier (which one depends on which bike I'm riding) against the outside of bag. I figure this is the least jostled place on my bike. Like veganbikes, I've never had a problem.

djb 04-22-21 07:47 PM

Like others, I've traveled for months and months with my android tablet in a fairly regular case with flip open cover, carrying it in my handlebar bag, with no issues at all.
If you put it in a pannier, yes waterproof is best, and just use common sense with cushioning it with clothes etc so it's not up against the hard part against the rear rack or bolts or whatever.
I preferred my handle bar bag to have it with me going into stores etc, but if I end up with a larger one, in a pannier it will go.

a good case and you'll be fine using common sense.

djb 04-22-21 08:03 PM

Ps, the cases are great to prop it up to watch a movie or whatever, and the more fancy cases have keyboards, a real bonus if you want to write a lot.

neoprene cases also will add some cushion, so a good extra thing if you prefer.

wgscott 04-22-21 09:03 PM

iPad mini. Logitech magnetic keyboard protects the screen. Then I also have a Thule crush-proof but lightweight case. If you get one with a cellular radio you can ditch the phone. (Get a phonepower subscription. You can port your home phone number and use it both as your landline and your iPad phone.)

MarcusT 04-22-21 10:08 PM

I have a small backpack where I put all my electronics, in a waterproof bag, strapped to the top of the panniers. That way, when I stop, I just pull off the pack and not worry about theft.

redbagsrambler 04-23-21 06:19 AM

Plenty of good suggestions giving me some solutions to consider.

Thanks, everyone. Much appreciated.

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