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amilianadvtrs 07-07-21 10:35 AM

Tandem Tour on the Pacific Coast Highway
My partner and I will soon be setting off on a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway on our Bike Friday tandem bike. (I know most people will say the bike is too flexy, but it is what it is) We're mostly following the ACA maps and the 'Cycling the Pacific Coast' book but are open to flexibility. Mostly camping with the occasional hotel rest day.

I wanted to put this out there to see if we are going to run into anyone on the way and see if anyone has updates on campsite closures or other weirdness on the route
We will be starting out in Seattle with family, taking the ferry to Bremerton on 7/19/21 and will ride up to the US-Canada border (because we want to say we're riding border to border). We'll then turn around and head south, take the side trip to the San Juan's, and continue on down to San Diego to the US-Mexico border.

We've been on several 3 and 4 day tours so this is a big jump in length, but we feel like we're ready for the challenge! Excited to work through it and come out better on the other side.
There will be some blogging and posting while on the road here:

Picture from 3-day shakedown ride last weekend.

Paul J 07-08-21 10:06 AM

Fantastic! We just got home from riding a chunk of the California coast on our tandem and had a blast. I look forward to following along. Mike and Bernice Miller have done that ride twice on their tandem. They journal-ed on "Crazy Guy On A Bike" here if you are interested. Author Info: Mike Miller (mikenbern) Though they didn't camp.

Doug64 07-12-21 11:05 PM

When are you starting? My wife and I will be riding loop around the Olympic Peninsula and down the Oregon Coast. We will be starting sometime after Labor Day.

We rode the Pacific Coast Highway from Lund BC to Mexico, but it was a while ago and he Canadian portion, which was nice, is not possible right now. Our outdated information probably will not be much help, but it is a great ride.

Might see you on the road!

indyfabz 07-13-21 12:12 PM

Ride what you like. BITD I rode off and on for a week with a couple doing the Trans Am on a BF tandem towing the double suitcase as a trailer. The last day together we started out from Breckinridge heading to Hoosier Pass. They dropped me about 2/3 of the way up, but I clawed my way back before the summit. Very strong couple. They were Mennonites from Portland, OR. In their 40s. Looked 10 years younger. Must have been all that clean living. :)


amilianadvtrs 07-15-21 12:34 PM

Thanks for the good vibes everyone, really looking forward to getting started!
We are planning to hit the pavement this Monday 7/19, so likely won't cross paths with you Doug, but we can compare notes later :)

Doug64 07-16-21 10:02 PM

Have a great ride. I need to wear my glasses more often. Your start date was in your 1st post.

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