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garryg 05-18-22 09:03 PM

A Tire Thread
Lots of old threads i,m sure but here goes. I tour on a Disc Trucker and often tour on railtrails that can get pretty rough. I have been on Rat Trap Pass for awhile and like the ride. Looking for some other choices that offer a bit more protection but can still give a cushy ride over the rough spots.

robow 05-18-22 10:35 PM

For the last couple years, I've been impressed with the wider Schwalbe Marathon Supremes at a less than max. pressure.

LeeG 05-23-22 01:53 PM

What size tires ? I assume it’s the rear tire that needs the greater protection or is it both front and rear? Are you using the lightest version or the Endurance version!

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