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tacomee 09-10-06 10:38 AM

Netherlands/Belgium holiday house bike party fun!
Hello everbody,

After talking to some cycling friends who haven't traveled to Europe yet, I've been asked to look into putiing together a cycling holiday for 6-10 people in the Low Countries. It's not going to be your traditional town-to-town tour-- we need to find a country house to rent for 2 weeks to stay in while we pick day trips to nice villages. Here's a list of things we'd like to find.

1. a cheaper house with lots of cycling areas around it. So what villages do you all like?

2. access to a train station. I'm sure we'll take several long day trips to cities (Amsterdam, Colonge,or maybe Paris?) to sightsee. Yeah, I know it's a little crazy to take a 2-to-5 hour train ride to see a city for 12-14 hours, but big city hotel rates are really crazy.

3. nice cycling friendly landlords we can trust-- afterall, this might end up costing over a thousand euros, wich we're happy to pay, but we'd like our money's worth.

4.Last question-- September seems like the best month for the group. How's that going to be weather and pricewise?

Thanks for your help,

p.s. -- If this sounds like your kind of good time, PM me-- I'm sure the're will be room for you.

FlowerBlossom 09-10-06 08:43 PM

I'm going that way, leaving on Thursday!

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