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sam.g 09-11-06 03:27 PM

Recommended touring companies
I'm looking for recommendations for good bicycle touring companies offering credit card style supported cycling tours in the US and Canada. I've already ridden three seasons with Cycle America and several events so I have a little basis for comparisons, but wish to consider something new for next year. Also I'm kind of in the middle with not wanting full self supported tours but then also wishing to stay away from the expensive cushy low milege B&B style tours. Anyone wish to offer up some suggestions?

Sam in Cincy

travelinhobo 09-15-06 05:31 PM

Well, there are more and more companies which offer solo pre-planned tours. I have a long list of them, but I don't believe any were in the states. If you decide on Europe let me know.

dlavi 09-15-06 07:45 PM

Check out Cyclecanda

I also have ridden a few tours with cycle america and I like their tours a lot. I've done three including one this year in Colorado and Wyoming

GiantDave 09-18-06 12:55 PM has supported tours as well as expedition unsupported tours in the USA.

mrcycling 09-21-06 12:19 AM

How about pedaling the Al-Can Highway, not plush, not cushy, but awesome scenery. There is a supported ride from

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