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wellshorton 09-14-06 04:53 PM

Gone - My Phil Fisher Touring Bike
Back in 1977 an older frame builder from Albany, NY, Phil Fisher, made a touring bike for me. It had canilever brakes and a disc brake, 650B wheels, front fork suspension system, pinch bolt system for a Phil Wood bottom bracket, intergrated front and rear chrom molly racks plus much much more.... It even have some extra frame members... It was sort of a tandem but for one rider.

It was my baby with more than 50,000 miles. Monday of this week it became no more destroyed in a garage fire at my home. Nobody was hurt with only material things destroyed. The only thing that I will really miss is my PJF Touring Bike.


jhnmrk 09-15-06 10:04 AM

aw, crap. sorry to hear it... do you have any pictures? sounds like an interesting frame...

NoReg 09-15-06 03:27 PM

Yeah pictures! Imortality on the web, or is it already on one of the loaded rig pages.

I'm sorry, sounds like a very inovative machine!

IronMac 09-16-06 03:29 AM

Really sorry to hear that. :(

trmcgeehan 09-16-06 03:57 AM

Sorry for your loss
Wells: Sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure it was almost as bad as losing a beloved pet. I am interested in knowing how the garage fire started? I have a 100 year old garage with more stuff in it than I have in my house. Tom McGeehan, Somerset, KY.

Seggybop 09-16-06 10:14 AM

Was it a steel frame? I would be really surprised if the heat of that kind of fire managed to damage a steel bike frame. You should see if you can salvage it.

wellshorton 09-16-06 10:17 AM

I take 20,000 photos a year and I now find I have no digital photos of my bike. I guess it is time to dig out the old photo album and get some scanned it.

The loss over just about everything else in the fire was not as bad as the loss of the my bike. How many other bikes in the world could take an English threaded freewheel, an Italian threated freewheel, or a French threaded freewheel. The builder used Campy Tippo flanges and a chrom molly squirrel cage like thing to create a 143 or 145 mm hub. If I needed to switch freewheels I could unlace the wheels and put the right threaded flange on. Plus the rear wheel had no dishing...... I guess I had better look for the photo album.

NoReg 09-16-06 01:16 PM

All the more interesting as you reveal more. TO the scanner!

trailmom3 07-01-08 06:40 PM

Phil Fisher
I also have a touring bicycle that was built by Phil Fisher. At this point, it is a little "rough around the edges", but it was really wonderful when my friend George let me "adopt" it. I'm sorry to hear that you've lost your gem.

wellshorton 07-01-08 06:45 PM

Phil Fisher
What sort of Phil Fisher do you have? Each one was a special creation.

trailmom3 07-07-08 09:03 AM

Phil Fisher bicycle
I'm no expert on bicycles. George Steeves had the this particular touring bicycle built by Phil many years ago. The frame is steel and the bicycle was pieced together from used parts. That's all I can say. The seatpost eventually rusted inside of the frame and broke it. George had it welded for me and I kept riding the old thing for awhile. It sits idle now again.

trailmom3 07-07-08 09:09 AM

Phil Fisher
Hello Wells, If you go to the original owner will probably tell you about the bicycle. He toured across Canada etc. on it. Dawn

Neil_B 07-07-08 09:17 AM

I'm sorry for the loss of your steel friend.

electriac 10-15-14 05:16 AM

I worked with Phil during the 1980's building numerous bikes (tandem, recumbent, and touring). A favorite bike of mine was a highly modified Schwinn Super Sport Tourer which I believe belonged to Wells at one time. This bike still lives (2014) and is ridden occasionally.

veganbikes 10-20-14 07:27 PM

That sucks sorry to here about the loss of the bike. Glad nobody was hurt

I didn't know people were doing disc brakes back in the 70s? That is cool I hope you can find some old photos of the bike because I love vintage bikes and cool oddities especially relating to touring.

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