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spence18 04-11-03 09:30 PM

Trans USA Tour in May (seeking partners)
I'm seeking cycling partners for a Trans USA tour from Los Angeles to NY and or Boston. Beginning in May. Route and departure are negotiable, not in a hurry, would like to see and enjoy some stuff. If interested please email me at


Txthroop 04-15-03 01:09 PM

Just a little story about touring with people you don't know. I'm sure some people have made lifelong friends out of instant partners but, I had a very poor experience.

I wanted to do a cross-country tour but was scared to do it alone. I was able to hook up with another guy who was also looking for a partner and we set off together. Within a week he was hopping a bus back home and I was left on the verge of giving up the whole adventure. Luckily, I decided to give myself a trial period as a solo cyclist. Turns out I had a much better time alone, did the things I wanted to do when I felt like it, met many more people than I believe I would have with a partner and ultimately got a huge sense of independence by completing the trip as I had planned.

So, really, it wasn't a poor experience after all and without my short-term partner I might never have left home to begin with.

Just be careful in choosing that special person. And at least consider going it alone.


spence18 04-17-03 03:10 AM


Thanks for the insight.

nathank 04-17-03 03:42 AM

well, i just think you have to be prepared to do the trip alone...

about 5 years ago i wanted to tour the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to San Francisco... and it just so happens that a friend of my girlfriend (that i had never met) mentioned he wanted to do a simliar trip... he wanted to do a longer trip, so we planned from Vancouver to Mexico... and it worked out and we met one evening at his house in Vancouver and left for the tour the next day.

we got along quite fine for touring... but we were still each pretty independent with our own tents and bike repair stuff. but we shared my stove and bought some food together and stuff...

unfortunately after 1 week my knee swelled up REALLY bad and i had to take a train back home :( i sent the stove and a few tools on with him and he completed the tour "alone" although he met up with people along the way. he mailed the stove back to me later.

so, yes, i think for a variety of reasons you should to be prepared to continue the trip alone - either b/c of injury or being unfit or just not matching up as partners...

but hooking up with someone also makes some things easier - like the planning and transport - and can work out really nice

spence18 04-17-03 04:31 AM

It's looking like more people suggest a solo venture, when the "guests" are unknown. Well, tentative route is from LA to the Grand Canyon, through Santa Fe, across TX Pan Handle and OK to Hot Spings, through MS to the gulf, to FL or Charlston SC. Can anyone recomend some "must see" sights or stops along that route?

nathank 04-17-03 07:16 AM

hey Spence,

i assume you're meaning from what others have said...

but what i think is the best is to try and find some partners and maybe plan together and see if it works, but be prepared and independent enough to go it alone.

a solo trip can be fun, but generally for most people (with a matching partner) it is better with someone else - it's also easier with stuff like breakdowns and repairs and not getting lost and all that since you can share decisions and have a back-up...

in general most cycle tourists are pretty interesting and nice people...

or think of it as planning your solo trip where you will also travel along with some other solo travellers...

toolfreak 04-17-03 05:43 PM

The one and only difficulty about cycling alone is the food!
I always leave the shop with too much food because the singlediner market is simply too low on this planet...:mad:

So instead of buying food for one day, you end up with food for 3 days, and draging it along :rolleyes:

Anyone knows a good receipy book about cooking & camping?

Inoplanetyanin 04-20-03 06:47 PM

Sorry, spence18, I can not be your partner because I just started a new job and will have to work for at least 2-3 months. But I am also in Los Angeles, and possibly will head out east somewhere in June, July...

Personally, I never seriously thought about riding with a partner. Think about the bathroom in the field... :) It just gives you more freedom, in my opinion.
Interesting point about meeting people.
I think it depends on the person/s and the kind of people you want to meet.
I heard many good stories about cycling in pair but myself would do it only with someone I know well...

Good luck!

2. To the question of sight seeing.
Dear spence, my experiences showed me that the most spectacular and impressive sights - are unexpected. You can find most interesting thing somewhere in the corn field of Oklohoma and not be impressed by something famous...

I would not worry abotut this aspect. Bike travel will sure bring you enough emotions and memories for the future.

Don't other people agree with this?

spence18 07-12-03 11:02 AM

Well, I finished June 25th details and pics at ..............great adventure.

Txthroop 07-12-03 04:20 PM

Congratulations, Spence!! Memories and accomplishments to last a lifetime.


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