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TheChisholm 02-03-09 12:27 PM

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Here's my Stumpjumper on a tour in Quebec last August. It didn't take too much to change it over and it rides very nice. The first pic is just a day riding around Montreal without baggage.

norwood 02-03-09 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by BengeBoy (Post 7990771)

BengeBoy, That is one schweeet lookin' ride! Well done!

hanktrefethen 02-04-09 12:54 AM

Man how could you change the paint job! looking good otherwise though.

Sixty Fiver 02-04-09 01:05 AM

My 1987 Kuwahara Cascade which was a purpose built hd touring bike in it's day... after fixing it I also added the drop bars.

The bike is a delight to ride.

Al Downie 02-04-09 02:14 AM


Originally Posted by BengeBoy (Post 7990771)

Hah! The 'Comp' version of this bike (purple instead of red) is decomposing in my garden. It was my faithful companion for more than 20yrs, until I tried to improve it by changing the front brakes but only managed to wrench one of the braze-ons right off the fork. I was gutted.

Al Downie 02-04-09 02:16 AM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 8302195)
My 1987 Kuwahara Cascade which was a purpose built hd touring bike in it's day... after fixing it I also added the drop bars.

Singlespeed? Nice. But you lose a valuable point for having a not-quite-level front rack. Presentation is everything...

mark123 02-04-09 09:33 AM

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1996 Specialized Hardrock, S&S coupled, Spiderflex knockoff seat, XTR hubs 36 hole, Velocity Cliffhanger rims, Schwalbe Marathon plus tires, TW Bents trailer.

I crossed Mexico with this rig, the picture was taken somewhere in Tamaulipas

Sixty Fiver 02-04-09 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by Al Downie (Post 8302331)
Singlespeed? Nice. But you lose a valuable point for having a not-quite-level front rack. Presentation is everything...

It's a fixed gear with my own hand built wheels... it runs a double stepped hub to give it gearings of 59 and 65 gear inches.

Aside from the wheels everything on the bike was built from recycled / salvaged parts... this is a theme that all my bikes share.

Chatbox 02-05-09 02:49 AM


I'm sooo happy to see a Trek 4300 being use as a touring bike!! I had a Trek 4500 (2000) when I was still a uni student. It was my first MTB so I wasn't expecting much from it, but I slowly started to appreciate it a lot over the years, never had it failed on me. However, I sold it when I had to move back to Canada after my study.

Now, I'm planning a trip in Australia. Seeing you able to put a front and rear rack on it has made me thinking about getting a 4300 for the tour. Was it easy putting the front rack on the fork (did you have to modify anything for the bike to take the front rack)?

grinningfool 02-05-09 05:45 AM

Here's a before and after of my '88 KHS. I am calling it my poor man's Atlantis. I've since added a rear rack.

hanktrefethen 02-05-09 04:45 PM

Lookin' good!

LeeG 02-05-09 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by BikeManDan (Post 7287265)
Work in progress, 92 Trek 800

that's as good as benjeboy. It's this kind of stuff that made me get a custom 26" wheeled touring bike 14yrs ago after mtn. bikes were in peak production and touring bikes were rare. I fixed up a friends rockhopper like that with drop bars and bar ends with front/rear blackburn racks.

rodar y rodar 02-05-09 08:14 PM

Grinningfool, is that the first lugged KHS I`ve seen, or jut painted to look like lugs? It`s beautiful! Will it be getting racks?

grinningfool 02-05-09 08:52 PM

Hey, rodar, yes it's fully lugged double butted cromo. My photos aren't very good, but here's a closer shot of the head tube that shows the lugs a little better. It's really a great looking frame, and the color scheme is original.
I have recently installed a rear rack, and as soon as the weather allows, I plan to start commuting on this bike.

norwood 02-06-09 06:21 AM

grinningfool, That's a great looking bike!

neilfein 02-06-09 07:49 AM
Tubus racks, Ortlieb panniers on the back, Banjo Brothers on the front. I toured over 500 miles on this rig (over several tours) before it got hit by a car.

Monoborracho 02-06-09 11:46 AM

Here's a before and after of Trek 830. Rear rack and fenders not shown.

zeppinger 02-06-09 02:46 PM


The one on the right is mine and its more of a Hybrid conversion (Giant FCR3).
The one on the left is my buddies mountain bike that originally had a suspension fork and such (Giant Rincon).

This is in Washington on our Vancouver to Tijuana tour!

waldowales 02-07-09 09:45 PM

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This is my 1991 Specialized Hardrock. I just finished modifying it. Installed cartridge type bottom bracket, semi-slick tires, Avenir rack, Avid V-brakes and levers, cyclocomputer, 100mm riser bars, Bontager saddle from my Trek road bike, (I may swap it for my Brooks B17), hitch skewer for my Nashbar BOB wannabe trailer, new cables and housings. I already had the fenders, the front brace was trashed, cut down to fit another bike, so I used one from an old Schwinn. I had the kickstand on the shelf already. Makes it much easier to park, and its weight is nothing compared to the other junk I carry.
I've only put about 65 miles on it, lightly loaded, but it's working fine so far, although I have to be careful to mount the panniers as far to the back as possible, for heel clearance.
I'd never ridden the Biopace chainrings before, and wondered how I'd like them. I really can't tell the difference. I think the 48 tooth front and the 11 tooth rear sprockets are going to be great on the downhills.

Aloyzius 02-08-09 03:45 AM

Haha, so, Waldo, you finally drank the Brooks Kool Aid, eh? What finally convinced you to change and give it a shot? I have a champion flyer on my old Univega and love it.

New touring bike is on the way for me.

Josef Taylor 02-28-09 06:11 PM

I'm building up a Bridgestone MB-4 for a Pan-Asian Silk Road tour. I just found a massive lugged crown touring fork with mid-fork eyelets, and my next step is to figure out handlebar setup. Drop bar? Trekking bar? Mountain drop (midge/dirtdrop)? H-bar? and then figure out if I want to go for a carrier rack or lowriders and a handlebar bag mounted on a second stem+chopped bar decaleur.

ScruffyChimp 03-22-09 03:07 PM


I've just finished my Winter build. I believe this is a 1997 Fuji Sunfire.



I've gone with a 24 speed setup, because I wanted the stronger chain. I painted it the olive colour suggested by Boondock. I'm extremely happy with it so far. Shakedown tour next weekend.

rodar y rodar 03-22-09 04:52 PM

Wow, I dig the wall to wall paint job! You kept the original stem and bars under the new paint?

rodar y rodar 03-22-09 05:38 PM

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Dang it! I`ve been working on one for a while now too, and I wanted to wait until I had some pics from its first tour before posting here for show and tell, but I`m antsy. May as well put it up now.

Early 90s (I think) Schwinn Impact that I inherited after my uncle passed away. I kept the derailers, brake calipers, seatpost and BB. All the rest is boxed up in case, for whatever reason, I ever decide to restore it to how my uncle had it. The stuff I put on it is a combination of parts I bought new for the project and parts I had hanging around. I fabricated the rack, the adjustable stem, and some miscelaneous hardware myself. I want to build a nice set of touring racks for it, but that`s going to take time. So I can try it out on a few tours this summer, I ordered a generic rear rack that should be here any day now. Most of its use will probably be 20 to 50 mile day rides with four or five weekend tours per year and maybe a week long tour one of these summers.

Here are some pics of the progress. I have a full writeup on rbr:

norwood 03-22-09 08:01 PM

rodar y rodar,

Very nice !!

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