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CalAaron 07-31-08 12:35 AM

SF > LA Ride - Anyone leaving this Sat 8/2?
Hi there,
Finally time to get rolling for my first bike tour and I can't wait to get going!! Thank you first off to all you who have been a great resource in my planning and learning how these things go.

Just thought I'd check if there's anyone else out there planning on doing this SF > LA bike tour leaving this weekend. My girlfriend and I are planning on leaving from just north of the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday morning and would love to meet up with people along the way...thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

Happy riding!

Bacciagalupe 07-31-08 07:02 AM

You'll bump into people along the way, especially if you're doing Route 1 and camping. It's a well-known touring route.

cyclezealot 07-31-08 07:06 AM

Doing Big Sur in August. I'd wait until after school starts. Way too much traffic. / How about the fire? I love Big Sur, but not biking in tourist season.

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