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hornytoad 09-06-08 07:13 PM

ortlieb rollers: ql-1 vs. ql-2?
would someone please direct me to a url or bf thread that describes the difference b/w these mounting systems. i believe i will be purchasing the tubus luna or tubus carry. just not sure which works best with which rack; and would like to determine advantages and disadvantages of either mounting system??? thank you

mattlavallee 09-06-08 10:30 PM

i've got 2 pairs of ortliebs, the roller classics for the rear (ql-1) and the sport packer plus for the front (ql-2). if you will be using the bags on the same rack most of the time, it doesn't really matter which one you get. if you will be using the bags on different models of rack on a regular basis, the ql-2 is quicker to adjust. the only real difference is that the ql-1 requires an allen wrench to adjust the spacing of the 2 plastic hooks that hang on the rack, while with the ql-2 you just flip up a little plastic tab to adjust spacing. the lower hook is the same for both plus and classic panniers, but it's apparently a ql-2 part. i don't know what the ql-1 lower hook was like. both systems are very easy to remove from your bike by just pulling up on the carry handle, which unlocks the latch from around the bar on your rack.

i use the sport packer plus bags on my rear rack everyday for the commute. the only reason i wanted the plus over the classic is because only the plus has external mesh pockets, which are very useful for carrying change for the ferry or keys, etc. BTW, i've ordered all my bags and racks from the link above, and he provides great service & the best prices i've ever seen. highly recommended.

hornytoad 09-07-08 07:03 AM

bingo! thanks for the info and providing the link.

spinnaker 09-07-08 08:51 AM

The Plus bags might not be that easy to switch from bike to bike as advertised. Both versions of the bag use the QL2 system for the lower connector. It is easy to adjust unless you need to move the bracket from the bottom slider to the top slider. You will then need a screw drive or Torx to move the fastener. I have no idea why Ortlieb just did not include the fastener for both sides of the bracket.

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