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rbskiir 02-08-09 10:13 PM

Coast to Coast, July 2 - Aug 9, plus RAGBRAI, want to Join Us?
Hello to anyone who may be interested in a limited support coast to
coast bicycle ride. I am inviting you to join me. I’m setting off on
a coast to coast bicycling journey this coming summer. I’m riding
with two friends from the San Francisco Bay area to Yorktown, Virginia
following Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) maps. The Western
Express route to Pueblo then the Transamerica map. We are between 45-
years of age and 54, two men, one woman. We also have one set of
retired parents driving a support van for us. We are not partiers but
do have an occasional alcoholic beverage. We feel we are fun loving
people. We’re planning our departure date to be July 2nd.

We will dip our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean, probably Santa Cruz
or near San Gregorio, CA. We’ll dip our front wheels in the
Atlantic. We plan to take a detour from the route in Kansas to go up
and ride RAGBRAI to the Mississippi River then ride back south to
rejoin our route somewhere below St. Louis. We would like to have at
least a dozen companions to help us defray the cost of our drivers,
support vehicle, and fuel. I’m thinking the cost will be around $800
apiece. We have recreational/race type bikes, we do not want to carry
anything on them.

We expect to take around 37 to 39 days in total so it means we’ll be
on the move for an average 130 plus miles per days. We do expect
we’ll take one day off per week for rest and laundry, or sightseeing,
probably every seven or eight days. I expect most of us will fly home
so we will pre-arrange our flights and plan the trip accordingly.

All food will be on your own; however there should be room in the van
for small coolers and a Coleman stove. Of course room for duffle bags
and camp chairs too. The ACA maps have details needed to find food
and services along the way.

The following links well get you to the maps we'll be using so you can
get a general idea of the route…

If you’d like more information please contact me at

rhm 02-09-09 08:40 AM

Woah, average 130 miles per day, that sounds like some serious fun!

I better ask my wife....

jbpence 02-09-09 08:48 AM

pass: to me 130 miles a day AS AN AVERAGE means not actually enjoying the tour. just me. I can do big miles, but like to see what i am touring through. To maintain that kind of average, I think you'll be pulling a LOT of 150+ mile days.

staehpj1 02-09-09 09:21 AM

Originally Posted by jbpence (Post 8330502)
pass: to me 130 miles a day AS AN AVERAGE means not actually enjoying the tour. just me. I can do big miles, but like to see what i am touring through. To maintain that kind of average, I think you'll be pulling a LOT of 150+ mile days.

It's worse than that if they are doing RAGBRAI. Doing RAGBRAI means they will spend a week at a much lower average. That will mean doing higher mileage the other three weeks.

It doesn't sound like fun to me, but different strokes. For me sagged touring is less fun and that is the only way I could even consider that kind of mileage. If the drivers do your shopping and laundry the mileage becomes more realistic. You won't find much time to stop and see the sights both because of the pace and because of being sagged. You will also not meet the local people or the other touring riders nearly as much. If you are just looking for the physical challenge and the grind, go for it, but if you really want to see the country and meet the people I advise a slower pace.

Very few folks touring wind up doing even 100 mile per day average, but quite a few come close. The few I met on tour that planned to wound up deciding on a slower pace after a week or so on the road.

Whatever you do, have a great trip.

BTW: I find the desire to do RAGBRAI as part of this trip at least a bit strange. It is an entirely different kind of experience than a fast coast to coast trip and takes you well out of your way. One would seem to be about the physical challenge and the other is more of a rolling party. The two don't seem to fit that well together to me.

Weetbix 02-11-09 03:08 AM

130 miles wow! If that were me I'd have to start at 4am and finish at 8pm!

rbskiir 02-12-09 11:58 AM

I know 130 miles seems like a lot Weetbix, but in 16 hours? That would be less than 9 mph all day. Even if you averaged 12 mph it would give you a lot of free time on the road for sightseeing or relaxing or eating and meeting the locals. I average 16 or 17 miles always on long trips with little or no effort even in the mountains. I can average 20 mph. I don't think I can do that day after day but my point is I don't need to with my normal pace. I'll have around 8 hours of riding time per day. I can break it down anyway I wish knowing that if I start at sun up I can ride casual with stops to eat and check things out and still be done by 5 or 6PM.

It's not like we're riding to a party every night and have to be the first one there like a race. We should have sunlight till after 9PM. I know that if I stop for dinner in the afternoon, all I'll need to do in the evening is set up tent, shower, maybe have a beer and relax with friendly riders, then off to a nice night of sleep to do it all over again the next day. Or I can keep moving, have dinner with my beer yet still be done with my day at a decent time to stay happy.

Sounds fun to me.

This is about the ride. I know stronger riders will have a good time. As for RAGBRAI, we think of it as an excursion off route. It will also be a chance for us to ride with some of our less strong friends who will never be able to keep our pace on the real ride. Yes, it combines two worlds of cycling, but it's all cycling so we think we should all end up having a fun and memorable vacation.

I also think those who know they are strong enough will be the ones signing on with us, not the naysayers who we would really rather not spend time with anyway. Join us if you read this and think you will have a good time. You know who you are.


nun 02-12-09 12:33 PM

I'll pass too, 130 miles a day sounds hectic. I like to keep my daily distance between 50 and 100 miles. I start early as I like riding with dawn still in the air and I plan to finish early afternoon so I have plenty of time to scope out a hotel or campsite, do chores, eat and blog.

rbskiir 04-25-09 02:08 AM

Updated coast to coast plan...
Okay, we've added a week to our trip. We're now planning to ride average daily miles of 110 for the first 3 weeks, RAGBRAI at about 70 per day for a week, then 2 weeks at an average 100 mile days.

Same deal, we provide maps, basic support, and one great 6 weeks of summer.

Contact me at


BigBlueToe 04-26-09 11:44 AM

Darn. This sounded great until I got to the 130+ mile days. Does anyone want to organize something similar, but with 60-75 mile days? The idea of not carrying any weight, and having camp chairs and Coleman coolers at night sounded pretty good!

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