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Touring without a touring bicycle?

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Touring without a touring bicycle?

Old 03-06-09, 07:47 PM
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Touring without a touring bicycle?

I have a dilema where I'll be riding long distances for days and weeks on end with unfavorable gear. I'm 5'7" and the Lotus proseries I have fits me well. But the chainline is crooked as hell. I might try to fix this with spacers but don't like that option. Another option is a Shogun 600 I have which is friggin huge, like 60cm+ seat tube. I can ride it with the seat all the way down but it's awkward. I also could use a Raleigh Competition from 84. The reason I'm concerned about chainline is, get this, I'm going to be riding around with a flip-flop hub of 46-13 fixed and 34-22 freewheel. That's what makes finding a bicycle with a straight chainline important and makes my Shogun 600 seem like a real option. I've ridden 40+miles on the Shogun regularly and 50+miles in a day with the Lotus regularly. I'll be traveling light (just one bookbag size assortment of things) if that matters. I won't be spending money on other options so if you have advice on which of these seems best that's cool. If they all seem absolutely terrible and I should look to trade them for a bicycle built for touring I'd like to know things like that also.
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Old 03-06-09, 08:08 PM
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Bikes: which one?

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How far are you planning to ride? If you aren't planning to go around the world or some such thing, then take whatever bike is comfortable. I think people stress over getting the perfect "touring bike" way more than they need to!
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Old 03-06-09, 10:14 PM
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I happen to think that fixed / ss touring is not a great plan - unless you're touring The Low Countries. Whatever advantages you value (notably drivetrain simplicity) are blown away by the limited gearing and time-consuming process of switching the wheel repeatedly in mid-tour. And lower maintenance can be achieved with internal geared hubs.


Fix the Lotus. If you can't properly do it yourself, take it to a shop. If they say they can't fix it in a manner you don't like, then either keep it as a beater or get rid of it.

Get rid of the Shogun. It doesn't fit you. End of story.

If the components on the Shogun are good, and you insist on going fixed etc, go pick up a Surly Cross Check or Steamroller and swap the parts over.

I agree you don't have to get the "perfect" touring bike, but you at least need one that fits and has reliable components.
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Old 03-06-09, 11:21 PM
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I don't quite understand all the technical stuff, except enough to know it all sounds pretty weird, and you seem to agree.

I mean what's the point? Are you wanting to tour with a fixie or a very limited gear range to prove something? It's already been proved. No need to do it again.

Touring is mostly about enjoying the adventure, meeting interesting people, being one with your environment, wowing your peers with your daring. The bicycle is just a means of getting from A to B as comfortably as possible while having fun on two wheels.

Get yourself a reliable fixie that fits well if you like it's simplicity. And some good tires so you don't spend a bunch of time fixing flats.

And get rid of that bike that's 10cm too big for you.

Most of all, have fun. Otherwise, stay home.
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Old 03-07-09, 02:21 AM
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If you are saying your frame is warped. I'd think it would be time for a new bike. ... .... In regards to touring, its all a matter of what you are carrying and how much weight you put on your bike. I feel I am every bit as comfortable on my race bike as my tourer.. I've completed five tours.. Two sag, 3 independent. I think I enjoyed the Sag tours far more.......You can do a credit card tour ( hotels) that cuts down on the stuff you need bring.. Still, if you are on the road for a week, minimal stuff is a lot of stuff.... ..... Sag Tours: .. A deluxe tour for cyclists. Sort of like having a porter handle your bags for you.. On your bike all you need is a jacket. Maybe. That is the deluxe way to go.. We've done Sag tours with just our cyclist friends.. Take the car and have your non cycling spouses go up ahead and meet in a pre-determined spot.
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ugg, you're using a rack right? you're not lugging this bookbag on your back? right!?

furthermore, what's wrong with spacers? if you can get it to work properly?

hope you're in the low country : P

don't really have a suggestion, i wouldn't consider touring on a single speed and i only have a SS now, if that says anything.
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