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kingnutterrick 02-18-10 09:25 PM

Shipping a bike
I am planning a trip from Mackinaw city to Michigan city Indiana. I wanted to visit Mackinac Island. I wanted to ship my bicycle ahead to a local bike shop in the area. I will have my LBS pack it, and ship it. I have never ship my bike ahead for a tour. But I wanted to expand my touring experience to other parts of the country. So this is a trial run. I only get 10 to 12 days off for touring. So shipping a bike ahead will help me in the future. I am going to take two weeks off in July to do this tour. I will be going down the Lake Michigan shore line. But can anyone give me advice about shipping my bike, and maybe know about the local area of Mackinaw city.

kayakdiver 02-18-10 09:35 PM

Fedex ground seems about the best deal.. As for the other question.. No idea.

Doug64 02-18-10 09:56 PM

We shipped a couple of bikes, and a bunch of gear by UPS. They seemed a little on the expensive side, but it was from Boston to Oregon. We also had to buy boxes, which added to the cost. It might be worth checking out both FedX and UPS. I'm from Michigan ( a long time ago), but I can't help you on that part of the state.

indyfabz 02-19-10 09:15 AM

Last year I had my LBS pack and ship my bike via UPS ground to a LBS where the tour started. From Philly to Whitefish, MT was about $80 including the packing charge. Note that using a ground service will require extra time just to be safe. We left about 10 calendar days in case of loss/misdirection just to be safe, but it made it in around 5. The shop should give you the tracking number so you can check on it.

kingnutterrick 02-19-10 10:23 AM

Thanks for the advice.

Carbonfiberboy 02-19-10 10:59 AM

You might look at AirCaddy:

or Aliant:

6thElement 02-19-10 11:00 AM

I often ship via FedEx in my hard shell bike case, normally costs about $55 with $4000 of insurance. UPS was always more expensive.

tarwheel 02-19-10 11:02 AM

In my experience, FedEx is much less expensive than either UPS or US Postal Service for shipping bikes. A great way to protect your bike during shipping is to wrap all of the tubes with foam pipe insulation, which you can buy very inexpensively at Home Depot and similar stores. Believe me, doing this saved the top tube on my prized Eddy Merckx from getting some serious damage to the top tube. Allow at least a week for shipping time, preferably longer in case there is a hold up.

Big_Red 02-19-10 11:05 AM

Tarwheel is right on about wrapping the tubes, you can also use some old bubble wrap (I pick this up from the incoming shipments at work). You might also want to try asking your LBS for a good used bike box. Often times they will give you a box destined for the trash.

blaise_f 02-19-10 12:45 PM

Shipping as freight with AmTrak can be extremely cheap.

10 Wheels 02-19-10 12:46 PM

Originally Posted by blaise_f (Post 10424856)
Shipping as freight with AmTrak can be extremely cheap.

Do they have good fast insurance?

blaise_f 02-19-10 12:56 PM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 10424861)
Do they have good fast insurance?

Got the check yesterday. You tell me. Heh.

10 Wheels 02-19-10 02:24 PM

six months

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