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helmut 06-09-10 07:23 PM

09 Schwinn World Tour DLX
Just bought a new bike for touring. It's the Schwinn World Tour DLX that was recently on sale at Performance for $599. I figured it was the same price as the Windsor Tourist, and had a couple nicer feature and a better color scheme. Performance was running a "10% off all bikes" so I couldn't resist. Picked up a Brooks B17 at the same time.

I had a few lingering question marks about this bike. Although the description mentioned lowrider mounts on the fork, the picture on the site didn't show any. The picture also showed only 1 front eyelet that was occupied by a fender bolt. It also mentioned a bike pump integrated in the seat post. That sounded interesting, but the picture looked like a fairly normal seatpost. It finally arrived and I pieced it all together, and now I can answer all those questions

Firstly, it DOES in fact have lowrider mounts and TWO rack/fender eyelets near the dropouts. Great start.

The seatpost however, seems to just be a seatpost. Not sure what the description was going on about. Here it is with the new B17 mounted.

The rack looks nice, and feels very sturdy for a 2-leg rack. I pressed down on it with my hands until my feet came off the ground, and I couldn't notice any flex or torsion.

I've been messing with the cantis for a while, trying to get them to grip properly. I've never had to deal with these before, and they're a little fussy. Obviously, the derailleurs and brakes need to be adjusted by someone more patient and competent myself, but this seems like a pretty nice bike overall. I mentioned that it had some features over the BD Windsor Tourist that gave it the edge. First are the hubs, which are Shimano Deore 36h instead of mystery no name brand from BD. Second are the included SPD/Platform pedals and Planet Bike fenders. Windsor doesn't come with any. Third are the cross levers, which I kinda like, but don't know how they'll work if I ever want a handlebar bag. I'm seriously considering removing the Tiagra STIs and levers, replacing with some barends. Would be a cleaner look, with less hassle and more reliability. Plus, I would pocket about $80 on the deal, which would pay for a nicer seatpost, and some Nitto Randonneurs. I have a Technomic stem laying around that would work nicely. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the bike, or want any specific pics. Ride report soon!

EDIT: Just looking at the pics, and saw a third set of water bottle mounts!! Wasn't expecting them, pleasantly surprised! Might put an Airzound bottle down there...

EDIT2: Bike is 9 speed, as oppsed to 8 speed as listed. Also, why no love for my post??

pawnii 06-09-10 07:25 PM

wow what a great deal. looks like all you need now are bidden cages.

The shorter you make the straddle cable on the cantilevers the more mechanical advantage you'll have.

Personally I'd keep the STI shifters.

Enjoy :)

Leicester Lad 07-05-10 06:07 AM

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Originally Posted by helmut (Post 10938844)
Also, why no love for my post?

I think your post is great.

Ekdog 07-05-10 06:23 AM

Lovely! :thumb:

Dahon.Steve 07-05-10 06:45 AM

Very nice. Those are great looking bikes. I think those bikes would be gone if Schwinn had a different color. Very good bikes regardless.

Von Stively 10-04-10 07:20 PM

quality report?
So you guys have been riding them for a year or so right? Any problems? How wide a tire do you think they could fit?

NormanF 10-04-10 10:09 PM

I think 35 - that's with fenders on my Super Sport DBX commuter. 40 without.

The World Tour DLX on the other hand is designed as a true touring bike.

My feeling is you can run up to 40 without the fenders. But the rack mounts, eyelets and water bottle bosses are a nice touch.

LBS Schwinn is much better than the classic Schwinn of yore. High quality. reasonably priced bikes with loads of features!

What more could you ask for?

robow 10-05-10 10:13 AM

Great deal with one caveat, if you're going to be purchasing the small or medium size and to a lesser extent the large model, realize these bikes have a very steep seat tube angle often found in bikes made for more time trials and not laid back touring. With certain saddles like Brooks B-17 etc, because of the rails used, you can't get the saddle pushed back very well and therefore will be contained to that "sitting over the cranks" position. No big deal, just consider getting a different seat post with a bunch of set back.

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