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therhodeo 07-01-10 10:02 AM

Ultralight trunk bag for long day rides and possible credit card touring.
I've looked at a few possibilities but I'm torn. I want something to carry some layers (warmers, jacket, possibly shoe covers), some small amounts of food, and possibly a small camera. I can't find anyone locally who has anything like these so I can't go try anything out with the gear I want to pack.

1. Detours High Tail - perfect internal capacity but the weight handling isn't great. That worries me. Bounce worries me as well with plastic adapter.

2. Topeak RX Carbon Beamrack and RX EX trunk bag - smaller internally but handles more than enough weight (15lbs). Could possibly go to the larger size bag with panniers and aluminum rack but that seems like more than what I want.

bmike 07-01-10 10:44 AM

Epic Designs bag?

Jandd Mountain Wedge?

BengeBoy 07-01-10 10:58 AM

How about a Zimbale; $54.

I have one of these I like a lot for rides when I need to carry more than a small seatpack; less than a Carradice.

truman 07-01-10 11:55 AM

Might Checkout the offerings of Carousel Designworks, too.

therhodeo 07-01-10 11:58 AM

I thought I had looked at all the options and you guys post 4 companies I've never heard of. Thank you.

bmike 07-01-10 12:17 PM

And Banjo brothers... and Acorn (wait time).
And Velo Orange.

therhodeo 07-01-10 12:30 PM

I like the large seatbags for now because I wouldn't have to get an aluminum seatpost.

mr geeker 07-01-10 01:37 PM


therhodeo 07-01-10 01:38 PM

Originally Posted by mr geeker (Post 11047622)

Not really the style I'm going for but really nice.

cyclist2000 07-01-10 02:24 PM


valygrl 07-01-10 04:42 PM

I have the Detours High Tail UL. Love it. UL is for ultralight, and it's both light and delicate. Mine tore, I fixed it with duct tape.

I have carried up to the following at once:
Rain jacket, rain gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers, vest, a few Gus and a pop tart, small camera, flat-fix kit (tube, C02, levers, tiny multi-tool, patches), money, baggy of Heed.

I'm small, so my clothes are small too. You might want the bigger size one.

It wouldn't be enough for Credit Card touring if you needed rain clothes, for that I put a Tubus Fly rack on my road bike and used my front touring panniers.

zonatandem 07-01-10 05:30 PM

Topeak has a great selection of bags from minuscule to huge.

Louis 07-01-10 05:55 PM


Small -

or medium -

I love mine.

sknhgy 07-01-10 08:34 PM

Nashbar sells a set of small panniers that I find handy and unobtrusive. They go on and off quickly. I rely on mine quite often.

bktourer1 07-02-10 04:40 AM

Look into the Axiom bags

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