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mtnbiktn 07-28-10 05:44 PM

wheres my appetite on tour?
So Im on the NT for about 2000 miles, and rarely get hungry. I eat around 10am, then again at 6ish with some snackin in between which sometimes includes fruit. I do not crave any particular food group. I have the bob trailer and do 40 50 miles a day and do not feel tired. If I were going to turn into a eating machine, I thought it would have happened by now. I have not weighed since the start, but have lost a little weight as noticed by looking in the mirror. Everybodys different so I will ask if someone else has not increased their eating by much if any or did you eventually start eating more? I have limited internet access.

TonyS 07-28-10 06:33 PM

Beats me... when I was on the Katy I became some sort of remorseless eating machine... as did the rest of the group. There was one day we had probably a 2,000 calorie lunch...

Mozzerella sticks
fried mushrooms
1/2 lb cheeseburger with fries
peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream
5 glasses of lemonade

They also had a few double-packs of saltines on the table, which I relieved them of before we ordered.

Two hours later down the trail, we were hungry again. Apparently riding in cold weather will do that to you.

staehpj1 07-29-10 04:58 AM

I have sometimes had trouble with both eating and drinking enough on tour in the hot weather on hard climbing days. I lost 22 pounds on my last tour (4 weeks one of which was a stop over in Yosemite). While I am happy to have the weight off, a tour isn't the best time to do it IMO. I would have felt much better if I could have eaten enough to keep my weight steady or just lost a smaller amount. The thing is... I couldn't even force more food down on that tour.

The lack of appetite is not an always thing for me. I ate like a pig on much of the Trans America and I ate moderately well on my Santa Fe Trail tour..

BigBlueToe 07-29-10 07:55 AM

Hmmm. I can't relate. I eat a ton on tour. If you're feeling fine, good for you. You're tour will certainly be cheaper than mine.

indyfabz 07-29-10 08:42 AM

I ate revenously during the western part of the NT as we had the mountains to contend with. Once we hit the High Line in MT, I felt less of a need for food from a physical perspective, but psychologically I had gotten used to eating so much that I kept piling it in and actually gained weight. I finally reached a balance and got rid of the excess fat by the time I returned hom to Philly from Bar Harbor.

nancy sv 07-29-10 08:50 AM

If you are eating the right kinds of food, you won't feel hungry. We've found we do a lot better and need to eat less frequently if we eat a higher fat content than normal. If we just eat a bunch of carbs, we need to eat continually, but nuts and cheese and such powers us on much longer. Maybe that's what you're eating?? sounds like you are doing something right if you're doing fine!

steve0257 07-29-10 09:30 AM

If your strength and stamina are holding up I wouldn't worry about it. You might also be eating some energy dense foods where it doesn't take a lot to give you the energy you need.

Also, take a look at what you're snacking on. Some snacks provide a lot of energy so you might be getting a lot from your snacks.

Aquakitty 07-29-10 12:10 PM

OP I am the same way. For some reason when I sit around at home I am hungry all the time, but when out touring or working non-stop physically I don't get nearly as hungry. I have no explanation though, for me I tend to eat more when its probably more of a psychological thing for me at least.

benajah 07-30-10 01:52 PM

I haven't experienced this on a bike, but on hiking trips I frequently lose my appetite, to the point where I realize it is supper time and all ive eaten is a power bar or something all day. I think I basically just lose track of things and forget to eat.
On the bike I force myself to eat constantly so I have the energy regardless of appetite

4000Miles 07-30-10 02:51 PM

Same thing happens to me... I have no idea why.

IvanK- 08-01-10 01:07 PM

I had a similar experience last year and put it down to the heat. I made sure to keep eating powerbars and drinking gatorade whether I wanted them or not, so I didn't bonk, but I took no pleasure in anything I ate that trip.
Normally I'm a good eater and enjoy my food, but the heat took away my apetite. At least, that's the best explanation I've got.

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