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velonomad 10-19-04 09:45 AM

you brits are such minimalists! not even one water bottle or a tire pump on the bike!

Rogerinchrist 10-19-04 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by The Fixer
Quick weekend tour last fall of Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, CA.

PM me about your trip, I was there in '02!

JoeLonghair 10-20-04 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by velonomad
you brits are such minimalists! not even one water bottle or a tire pump on the bike!

Thats true, but everything else including the kitchen sink seems to be packed ;)

seattlecyclist 10-21-04 02:05 PM

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Here's two pictures of my bike. They're both from the Atacama desert south of Arica in Chile. I liked the Ortlieb and Vaude bags, too--sorry others didn't have a good experience with them. (Obviously, they were better for the rainy parts of the country and not nearly as useful in the desert north.) The bike is a Rodriguez, built here in Seattle.

skookum 10-21-04 06:48 PM

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My Atlantis in a Dutch forest

beowoulfe 10-22-04 05:06 AM

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Just got back! Pic from somewhere in the Adirondacks.

fks 10-23-04 02:35 AM

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Tourer for a Bit of roughstuff, XT running Gear and DT Hubs, Brooks Conquest saddle, flat bars with bar ends.

tala_till_mig 10-25-04 11:03 AM

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In Gothenburg, just before starting my tour around Sweden this summer.
A somewhat overloaded Nomad.


Triker 10-28-04 11:53 AM

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Here I am on my rig

stokell 10-28-04 12:23 PM

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Great thread!
I'm a long time tourer and a recent stealth camper. I've customized a Giant Cypress with drop bars. My rig has my Hennessey hammock in its snakeskin wrapped between the bars and the saddle. In my youth I delivered newspapers on my bike, so I really hate the extra weight on the front end that front panniers bring.

funbun 10-28-04 12:28 PM

Please make this thread a sticky. The same thread in the "commuting" section is a sticky.

beowoulfe 10-28-04 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by stokell
Great thread!
My rig has my Hennessey hammock in its snakeskin wrapped between the bars and the saddle.

I've always wondered about those hammocks. Any personal stories about them? I've always relied on a stand-alone tent.

stokell 10-29-04 11:26 AM

The Hennessy hammocks might be ideal for you. You don't sleep on the ground so you can forget about rough ground, flora, fawna, and wet ground. Also if it is warm because you are surrounded by air it is much more comfortable.

As you may have seen on the picture, the snake skin makes it easy to set up and take down your hammock. I think the propaganda says 30 seconds, but in reality even in a high wind or rainstorm you can do it in less than 2 minutes.

When I decided to start stealth camping on tours, I got a Hennessy right away. I've camped before, but for compact size (fits in a bag just a bit larger than a 2 litre pop bottle) and light weight (1 kilo) makes it the obvious choice over tents.

Check this out:

funbun 10-29-04 12:20 PM

stokell, what if there are no treest around? I like the idea though. $189 for me (255lbs) is pricey though.

funbun 10-29-04 12:22 PM

Wow, I've been reading the history behind these hammocks and this guy got started doing 200 mile bike trips with a Army hammock! Wow!

Ken Brown 10-29-04 01:38 PM

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I ride a Cannonndale T800. I have panniers on the back and a shoulder bag that I velcro to the top of them. I have a small, ratty old handlebar bag for a few things that I want easy access to. Photo taken in the Austrian Alps.

Netcelt 10-29-04 02:17 PM

I'm selling my hennessey Hammock if anyone is looking for one. It's the ultralight with tree-hugger straps. 1.5 lbs. Perfect condition. $120 includes shipping in U.S.

bikerbob1 10-30-04 08:44 AM

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My Cannondale T800 with Arkel panniers just before departing on a 2003 coast to coast ride. Fantastic. Great way to celebrate retirement. My first long tour but not my last. I'm preparing for another one in 2005. This time riding my Bacchetta Giro

hoogie 10-30-04 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by bikerbob1
My Cannondale T800 with Arkel panniers just before departing on a 2003 coast to coast ride.

How did you find the Arkel panniers??? they look quite intriguing with all the pockets and stuff?
My first tour was with some well loved second-hand Madden panniers that had an outside pocket which I forund quite useful ... my later tours were using locally made "Tools of the Adventure" expedition panniers which are quite deep, but quite tall and have no pockets other than a zip in the top flap ... miss the pockets but the Arkels seem to have a heap of them ...

bikerbob1 10-30-04 12:32 PM

Go to Google search engine and type in "Arkel" or go to The Arkel panniers are made in Canada but are available in many other countries. Great guys to deal with and they do make quality panniers. Sent my panniers with a personal note to enjoy my tour and an invitation to drop in if my trip was close to their manufacturing facility. Your right all kinds of neat pockets. Just what you need for a long tour. I really liked the detachable sleeve for my thermarest. Arkel also sells waterproof covers for their panniers I received many fine comments on the bags

Wingman115 10-31-04 01:18 AM

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Here's a pic of my 520 I did a California Coastal Tour about 2 weeks ago..

anneslam 10-31-04 07:00 PM

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the fast way to tour.....use a race bike!

Rogerinchrist 10-31-04 11:04 PM

Those Arkel panniers make choosing a trailer even harder! Much less the price of some of the expedition models.
Thanks for the link!

poupou 11-01-04 01:05 AM

For The Love Of Tight Bags

I ain't got no pics
but I always get my kicks
from looking at a fully loaded rig
be it lugged , bonded or TIGGed

Love is a balanced bag
no flap no sway no sag
My h/bars ensconced in data and grids
no need to think about the kids

And away we go
through town, prairie or snow
can't hold us back now
We're our own little world, and how!

Rogerinchrist 11-01-04 06:24 PM

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Here's a couple a pics from my lil trip up north 10-22-04. I went on a weekend prayer retreat to De Pere,Wi (just 3 mies south of Green Bay). Sixty six miles, one flat, start temp 55F,finish temp 48F, 15mph tailwind(sorta), loaded a little on the heavy side.
Good time was had!!!

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