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Alfonzo 07-07-09 07:05 AM

How do you like your bags? Im thinking of getting the same ones.

billwatson58 07-07-09 07:58 AM

Randonee with Tubus Racks
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After 4 months the Tubus racks arrived and I've mounted them on my 09 Randonee and added stainless bottle cages. Now for some panniers. I'm leaning toward the Ortlieb Front/Rear Roller Plus.

wasabi 07-07-09 01:54 PM

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Here is my actual touring bike which I built up from the naked frame last year. It was tested on a 1'100 km trip from Switzerland to the atlantic coast (St. Nazaire, France), and I will ride it to the Netherlands' north sea coast some weeks from here :)

"Thömus Longrider" CroMo steel frame (designed in Switzerland, welded in Taiwan); Brooks B17 leather saddle on Moots Ti seatpost; DT Swiss 240S hubs, Mavic EX 721 rims; Shimano XT groupset; SRAM 3x9 GripShifters; Avid Juicy 3 disc brakes, 185 mm discs F+R; Tubus CroMo racks F+R; Ortlieb panniers (bought 1997.....) and bags

wasabi 07-07-09 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by yourrealdad (Post 9095455)

never mind, this cool pic. compensates by far for the additional mouse click :lol:

samiofamio 07-08-09 02:18 PM

Here's my monster. Did a daytrip from the Thousand Islands to Gatineau, around 160km with a regular hiking pack strung on the back. I'm glad I got fenders the day before setting off as it rained most of the way. Now I have two MEC panniers and am just waiting for the next trip. Maybe north up le Petit Train du Nord or eventually Gaspé. :)

cogs5555 07-10-09 04:50 AM

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From what I have seen so far, I think this rig must surely take the cake. I recently turned 18, and it seemed obvious to run a ride to celebrate. These photos was taken in Maryborough, in Victoria (Australia, for those who don't already know). The BOB trailer is actually not mine, but I have the couplings on my bike as I use one occasionally to take books to school.

I am a member of a bicycle touring club in Melbourne, so getting together a reasonable sized group was quite easy (11 in total). We caught the train out to Bendigo and spent three days cycling around central Victoria, and finished in Castlemaine.

For those that are interested, no, I don't own a car. I am not a car hater, but I have found that a bike is more convenient, and a lot less expensive.

Karloman 07-12-09 03:33 PM

Here's my Giant Terrago (1995 model) as I use it on tours from 1 week long.

Total weight is 40 kg (bike : 15 kg, stuff : 25 kg) because I don't use expensive lightweight gear (I prefer spending on the trip itself).
As you can see I don't travel kitchen sink but "Rubbermaid" ! That plastic box serves different uses : container for, mostly, eating related stuff, small table, washing basin. It certainly looks odd but I'm happy with it and the same applies to my tripod stool, yes I like confort after the ride.

The gear is distributed like that :
Rear luggage rack :
- platform : tent, cooking pot (under the saddle)
- box : food, gas stove, spare gas tank, tarp, high visibility jacket
- pannier 1 : sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, panniers covers, poncho
- pannier 2 : clothes, towel, toilet bag, first aid kit, flip flops, fleece

Front luggage rack
- rucksack : documents, money, camera, windjacket, knife, flashlight, Leatherman, mini radio, book, maps, water bottle
- tripod stool

Frame :
- 2 water bottles,
- toolbox (under the water bottles)
- if needed a 6 litre MSR Dromedary waterbag

I can already hear some of you saying "there's too much load on the rear, your bike must be unstable". Well, believe it or not, I never notice any strange reaction at high speeds and I can ride it one hand no problem at all.

One last thing, the Brooks Flyer is also a part that I'm happy with : springs for comfort and leather for bum sweat "breathability". It is a bit hard on the sitbones though.


rodar y rodar 07-12-09 05:48 PM

Originally Posted by Karloman (Post 9265701)

Very nice, Karl. I`ve never heard of Terrago before- it must be that they didn`t export that model to the US. Or maybe it was the same as Rincon with a different name.

Karloman 07-13-09 05:59 AM

Originally Posted by rodar y rodar (Post 9266490)
I`ve never heard of Terrago before- it must be that they didn`t export that model to the US. Or maybe it was the same as Rincon with a different name.

I didn't know that, I thought the Giant line was the same worldwide.
Here in Europe the Terrago is the mid level model and has been the big seller for Giant since its introduction in the market around 1990.
Mine has a very nice full 4130 steel frame with ovalized top and down tubes at the junction with the head tube and the BB shell. It also has braze-ons everywhere and the longish type geometry of the mid 90's which makes it an ideal basis for building a touring bike.
It has allowed me to modify the attachement of the rear rack in order to use big soft motorcycle pannier.
More info here :

busker 07-13-09 07:08 AM

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Here my bike and my wife's one (both cannondale) during a recent tour in Umbria and Tuscany.

RogerTully 07-14-09 01:56 AM

Comfort and efficiency
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I did my first 1300km ride on this rig last month. This young bloke came over, ignored me and said to his mates, "Wow! Look at this, its all Pimped out!"
so I call it "The Pimp." It is an Optima Lynxx from Holland with full suspension and underseat steering. It has a Schmidt dynohub and the B&M Senso light system. I have a large panier set which carries my clothes and tent. I tow a TW bents trailer to carry my food, kitchen, spares, tools and fishing gear. I have 2x 2.5litre water bladders behind the seat and under the seat-back bag and I can carry 9litres on the trailer. I have several small containers for electrolyte and glucodin. This bike is very comfortable to ride and has a low wind resistance coefficient. I ride with a mate who has a new Surly and tows a BoB. He averages 13km/h I average 20+ so I'm always waiting.
You know, on a recumbent, You Don't get a sore tush!!

rayhead00 07-15-09 08:01 AM

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From this June's trip up the Erie Canal.

spike57 07-15-09 07:11 PM

At Redstone, CO:

badger_biker 07-18-09 07:17 PM

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My 1984 Specialized Expedition - camping in Wisconsin.
Blackburn Expedition rear rack and Jannd Extreme front rack with REI Novara bags. I modified the trunk bag by adding a Topeak slide to the bag and mounted a matching tray to the top of the rack. Works great for easy access and quick to get off.

wheel 07-19-09 04:05 PM
Windsor Tourist by the Mogollon Rim near Payson Arizona.

kamoke 07-22-09 06:52 AM

I got around to scanning some images from last years cross Canada trip, and figured some folks might want to check them out, which can be done here.

sleizure 07-22-09 09:09 AM[email protected]/3728789658/

BNcycle 07-22-09 08:50 PM

Originally Posted by AngrySaki (Post 9148939)
Finally did a loaded ride on my bike.
Main components:
Surly LHT (built with parts from my old bike, FSA cranks, SRAM drivetrain, shimano derailluers)
Mavic A719 wheels.
Marathon supreme wheels
Mec 46L panniers, Ortlieb back roller classics, Arkel small handlebar bag

Maybe this is a dumb question, but what's on the end of your handlebar (black thing on the left drop)?

Thulsadoom 07-23-09 03:38 AM

Originally Posted by BNcycle (Post 9334547)
Maybe this is a dumb question, but what's on the end of your handlebar (black thing on the left drop)?

It's a rear view mirror.

BNcycle 07-23-09 10:16 AM

Originally Posted by Thulsadoom (Post 9335772)
It's a rear view mirror.

Ah, thanks. Tough to see from that angle.

marcusbandito 07-23-09 08:10 PM

iforgotmename 07-25-09 06:56 PM

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This is my new "going to get loaded" touring build :D

zoltani 07-25-09 09:12 PM

Originally Posted by iforgotmename (Post 9354022)
This is my new "going to get loaded" touring build :D

HAhaha, that's my kind of loading :beer:

zoltani 07-25-09 09:16 PM

Headed up White Bird hill in Idaho, one of my favorite climbs through Idaho.

zoltani 07-25-09 09:19 PM

My wife's Novara Randonee in front and my BG Rock & Road in back.

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