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Nelson Picado 01-26-11 04:51 AM

Differents locks below in Back Roller Classic (colours) vs With, in the back bag
someone nows why Back and Front Roller Classic(colors) vs Back and Front Roller Classic(With) it have a different lock below in the back? (turn the photo 360 in the Ortlieb site)

I see too, in others sites the Back Roller Classic (colors) with differents locks in the back.

Thank you,
Nelson Picado

Tourist in MSN 01-26-11 07:32 AM

By locks, I assume you mean the bracket that the lower hooks attach to.

I assume that the newer design with a single track for the hook is to save cost by using a two bolt design instead of four bolts, that probably saves a minute of technician time for assembly per pair. Perhaps they have not sold all of their white ones with the older design yet?

I have only seen photos of the new version, but it looks like you can unscrew the bolts and turn it upside down if you needed to shift the middle part of the track to a slightly higher position. The curve on the track is straighter on the new design, probably because without a bolt in the middle, the track would flex too much if it had as much curve as the older design.

I have about four pair of non-ortlieb panniers that have straight horizontal tracks that don't fit on some of my racks because the track is too high or too low, I wish everyone used the curve design. Given a choice, I would buy the older design if I was shopping for another pair, the rounder curve gives more adjustment for fitting to a rack.

Nelson Picado 01-26-11 08:38 AM

Thank you very much Tourist in MSN about your help.

I am completely agreed with you about everything that you said!
The curve design of the bracket is very important, and that was a big problem when I saw this things, I was confused a lot.
I am going to try to buy the old version, it is much better to fit in different racks.

I am sorry about my english...
Best Regards for you Tourist in MSN,
Nelson Picado

fietsbob 01-26-11 01:37 PM

my Backroller Classic is the 2 track lower hook mount, so it is a running change,
used hereon the Plus fabric version with the QL 2 top hook.

I have been considering putting a second hook in the other track
so I can also fit them On my Bruce Gordon racks.
they benefit from having a forward and a backward lower hook.

One older bag I have the lower rail is straight, a tool needed to shift it.

newer ones have a knob, with a coin slot.

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