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Tentacle Master 01-31-11 01:52 PM

2011 List: Bianchi Cross bikes
Making my 2011 list of touring bikes.

For years the bianchi volpe was an exptable and often prefered, cyclocross bike used for touring. what is everyones thoughts on the new cyclocross model by bianchi, the zurigo. Would anyone find this suitable for touring? No would be my opinion.

and on the of chance any of their road bikes MORE THAN suitable for touring?

Bacciagalupe 01-31-11 07:16 PM

Uh, yeah. I don't even need to look at the specs to know it's a cross racing bike.

Looks like they shuffled the Volpe into the "Grand Fondo" grouping. I expect that's going to continue to be their touring bike indefinitely.

Tentacle Master 01-31-11 07:43 PM

Ah a see they moved it, the sneaky buggers. I thought they had done away with it. It seams to have lost its former glory. They don;t even have a description on its webpage. As is "here's the Volpe, yall know what it is."

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