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damo010 02-26-11 02:34 PM

England to Thailand, planning advise please?
Hi everyone:)

just registered and first time post here;

i'm just stating to do some research / gathering info about a tour From England to Thailand.

i have not done any bike touring before less a few 2 and 3 day bike trips in the uk using hostels, so no real bike touring to date however i am a keen cyclist with a good knowledge of bikes and maintenance, so i'm not too worried at this stage of planning about kit selection or my cycling credentials.

what i don;t know is how to organise the red tape of visa's and the most advisable route their avoiding the trouble areas "middle east or Africa" or should i plan just avoid these ares altogether.

why Thailand you ask? well my Wife is Thai and i'm planning a year off work (failing business) and she would be happy to go back and stay with her family until i arrive by bike, then leave it for my farther in law to put to good use their, and we can fly back home to find a new job!

i have a good knowledge of south east aisa and eurpoe so am not too concerned about traveling their, its the bit between that i have no idea!

i have a pal who is interested to join the trip but experience show me that i must plan a solo first and if he can come then great but the planning is primally a solo tour at this stage.

depending as to how difficult the planning is and the health of my company i think that the start date would most likely be next summer "2012".

if any one can advise as to what the best way of planning this or any other general advise please comment.

thanks Damo.

MichaelW 02-27-11 05:29 AM

Get in touch with the Cyclists Touring Club, they can advise on routes and visas.

azesty 02-27-11 06:45 AM

Most seem to go Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Khazakstan, Kyrgystan, China, then Laos, Thailand. (please excuse the bad spelling of some of those!)

Lots of blogs on


JohnyW 03-01-11 06:22 AM

But then summer is too late to start...

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