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bradtx 03-19-11 09:58 AM

Pannier repair, looking for ideas
Hi All, While in the process of building my first touring frame I dug out my old panniers I used on my mountain bike only to be reminded that one of my dogs as a puppy chewed off the hold down straps/buckles for the top flap, and yes, both bags.

I'd like some repair ideas from anyone as the panniers are too good to toss into the recycle bin.

TIA, Brad

fietsbob 03-19-11 10:18 AM

Can you use a needle and thread and sew on some more fabric, etc?

seek out someone in your town that does Alterations, for their Sewing machine and skills , perhaps?

Home sewing machines are OK with a sharp needle.

lee kenney 03-19-11 11:32 AM

try 'speedy sticher' a great fixer

MichaelW 03-19-11 12:03 PM

Backpack material also requires a thimble but its pretty simple to attach new straps. I usually use some kind of back-stitch for strength.

bradtx 03-19-11 02:31 PM

Thanks for the tips! fietsbob, I'm not a sewer by a far stretch.

lee kenny/MichaelW, Your tips led me here: .

Thanks, Brad

oldride 03-19-11 03:58 PM

Take it to a shoe repair shop.

bktourer1 03-20-11 06:48 AM

+1 on the shoe repair shop. If you can still find these guys. They might be a dying breed.
You might get either REI or Campmor for repairs

Booger1 03-21-11 10:35 AM

I second finding somebody that does alterations.They will know their way around a sewing machine.Ask them to use 100% poly thread if they can.

cyclist2000 03-21-11 10:35 PM

+1 on the shoe repair guy.

RunningPirate 03-21-11 11:16 PM

Could you glue/epoxy something in place?

djb 03-21-11 11:45 PM

another recommendation for shoe repair type store-they will have the super strong needles and machines to sew stuff on.
should be inexpensive too

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