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tate65 02-27-12 09:24 AM

Brooks now making Panniers
If they are as good as their saddles then I might have to try a set. Still haven't bought mine yet.

Gotte 02-27-12 01:05 PM

Oh, I like the look of them. Very nice.

himespau 02-27-12 01:14 PM

I do like the looks of them, but I wish for front closures rather than side closures for the looks. Sort of like this:

Lasse 02-27-12 01:14 PM

Looks nice!
Wonder how much I'll like the price though ;)

fuzz2050 02-27-12 02:39 PM

If their other bags are any indication, those panniers will be outrageously expensive. Then again, those look like sensible panniers, not the slightly fetishy leather and canvas things they usually make. I'm still guessing that those will be twice the price of an Ortleib, for a quite possibly inferior product.

LeeG 02-27-12 02:58 PM

the front panniers are priced individually, 100euros ea or $130, $260/pair, rear 130euro ea or $175, $350/pair

$1000 jacket

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