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Mark308 01-07-05 11:35 AM

Athens, Ohio to Elizabethtown, Kentucky
I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this region. I am trying to plan a trip between the two cities. I have found a cross state route offered from Columbus Outdoor Pursuits which covers from Marietta to Cincinnati. I was thinking of ordering this to get from Athens to Cincy.

Then I saw a map displaying the Ramblin' River Tour in Kentucky which looks like it goes from near Cincinnati to Elizabethtown but I can't find a detailed route showing this tour in detail.

If anyone knows any other bits of wisdom I would appreciate it. I am doing this trip to test out my bike for the bigger transamerica tour this summer.


EastKY 01-07-05 09:57 PM

If you don't get any help here, you might consider contacting one of the folks at Bluegrass Cycling Club in Lexington. They're pretty active in the central region and northern part of KY and someone there MIGHT have some suggestions re the KY portion of your trip.
Here's a link: then click on the contacts link.

gregw 01-08-05 07:09 AM

Hi Mark, this link will take you to a PDF booklet of Kentucky bike tours. The Ramblin river tour is one of the tours. The maps are kind of small but if you get a Kentucky atlas and gazetteer map book or other detailed Ky map, you can transfer the route onto this bigger / better map.

It looks like you will ride part of the Transam on this route. Let me know if you need any other help, I'm in Louisville and have done the transam from here to the west coast and around a bit.

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