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longhaulblue 08-27-12 08:52 PM

26" 36h Alex Adventurer wheelset - where to buy
Googling turns up only the rims. Where does one buy an Alex Adventurer wheelset? And it doesn't have to be Alex Adventurer. I'm open to suggestions for a good touring wheelset. Only requirement is 26" and supports disk brakes. I don't seem to be able to locate a lot of options. Road wheels, MTB wheels, yes, but not touring wheels.

Would appreciate some help on where to look. Thanks!

Sorry for posting it here if I'm off base. I couldnt post on the gear marketplace. One of the many mysteries of this forum.

Doug64 08-27-12 11:18 PM

I have had excellent results from Universal Cycles in Portland, Oregon. They produce an excellent product with great customer service. You can get a high quality set of wheels built for about the same or less than you would if you bought the individual components. The wheels are not going to be listed under "touring wheels". A couple of good hubs for touring that would fit a 135mm rear dropout are the Shimano LX and the XT. Both are mountain bike hubs, but are used on a lot of touring bikes. Combine either of those hubs with a 36 spoke Alex Adventurer rim, and double butted Wheelsmith spokes; and you'd have a great touring wheel. I have also used Shimano 105 and Ultegra 36 spoke hubs on touring bikes with 130mm dropouts. I had all our wheels (700c) built with Velocity Diad rims. Just personal preference. There are several good rims available, including the Alex.

Just click on the custom wheel builder and go from there.

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