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tom cotter 01-29-13 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by Big Lew (Post 15213194)
There is a lot of good advise and comments given within this thread.
I also agree with "tom cotter" stating 'The times in which we live' and regarding the liability's sad though...Like in most things, those that
adhere to society's rules suffer because of the 'blanket' rulings created to address those that don't, as well as the keenness of persons willing to sue others rather than accept their own responsibilities.

A big plus one on that Lew!!!!

MassiveD 01-30-13 01:05 AM

A lot of campgrounds are expensive, noisy, detours. Most young people crossing the country are not plunking down 20-35 dollars a night. It is a good deal if you have 8 kids and 3 tents on the same site, it sucks for solo campers. You can find stealth sites anywhere at any time within a few hundred yards of most places. You have to look small for micro environments. Some areas do have park like settings that are vast and available, but it only takes a few feet to put up a tent, etc... and you do not need a lot of space.

One thing to do is to consider you own neighbourhood. Look it over in detail and figure out all the places you could sleep. Imagine a stealth entry, not setting up your tent and fireplace in the open at 3 pm.

People get all wound up about the law, and rightly. But there are probably lots of things we do that are not appreciated. Like stealth overstaying reading late at night in restaurants, or using their bathrooms for a sponge, bath. Loitering in city parks. Not to mention the moving violations. After you have been passed by the 3 thousandth person blabbing on their cellphone while driving, you may have a different view on things.

kbabin 02-01-13 11:20 AM

Are you a member of If you come through NW Arkansas, you could stay with us.


fietsbob 02-01-13 12:01 PM

If you didn't go the boy scout route, do a bunch of sub 24 hour weekend trips
to get the hang of camping , and packing.

crazy cheste 02-18-14 01:54 PM

Well it's been a year since i started this thread. I'm proud to say that the trip for 2014 is still going to happen! It's surprising right? But it's really going to happen, first week of June and I will be off. The trip will be 60 days and starts in Northeast Ohio and ends in San Francisco.
I want to tell teens everywhere that adventures don't have to be put off for adulthood. Get out there and enjoy life. You only have one life and teens are perfectly capable of making mature decisions. If you work hard for your goal it can become true.

gpsblake 02-18-14 09:42 PM

Good luck with the tour. I agree with others, you will need to carry an NOTORIZED letter saying you have permission from your parents. I guarantee you a local will call the cops "for your safety" because they think you are a runaway. Be prepared for that. Also don't accept any housing from a stranger period (although warmshowers maybe an exception if it is from a married couple and only those who have hosted several people before).

lanahk 02-23-14 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by MassiveD (Post 15209818)
On balance, I would not do a blog while you are on the road, or you could write it day by day, then put it up later. I don't see the benefit to that kind of profile.

I disagree with this idea. Keep a journal (I see you already have a CGOAB page). It lets your friends and family know how you are doing, what you are seeing, and how you are handling things on the road. It's also a good way to meet people and maybe pick up a place to stay or a meal as you pass through places.

Make sure you have a phone and a back-up battery charger. It will be very important to keep your parents in the know about where you are and who you are with. Always text an address to your folks if you are staying at someone's house.


Originally Posted by MassiveD (Post 15209818)
While I think your plan to go to Cali sounds great, don't set yourself up for failure with overly ambitious plans. Take it one step at a time. Or not. 17 year olds do some awesome stuff in the outdoors. But touring is a day to day thing, a long tour is months, it isn't all equally fun, quality over quantity.

This is awesome advice, though. If you get bored, if you don't have enough company, don't be afraid to use alternative travel to either cover part of the route or return home. The adventure is not about finishing an itenerary, it's about what you learn about yourself and the world.

Have a great trip.

Cyclebum 02-23-14 08:23 PM

Dude, this trip will earn you a PhD in human relations and self reliance. Not to mention the total fun you're gonna have. Join and overnight with some of the hosts, your cycling peers.

By all means get that notarized letter just in case. Ride predictably and be highly visible. Give us a heads up and a link to your journal when you start.

spinnaker 02-23-14 08:51 PM

Remember to wash behind your ears young man! :)

Seriously one think that many youngster lack is a good street sense. Have you radar turned up extra high. If something looks a little hinky then pass it by.

Warmshowers has been mentioned. It's pros It is a place to stay and that is about it. Cons: Not well vetted. Couch Surfing: Very well vetted. Cons: it is much more social and nt really just a place to stay.

crazy cheste 05-02-14 07:11 PM

Hey just a quick post up. I have the link to my CGOAB blog. Check it out :thumb:

raqball 05-02-14 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by crazy cheste (Post 16723335)
Hey just a quick post up. I have the link to my CGOAB blog. Check it out :thumb:

Awesome! I will be following your ride! :thumb:

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