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Konasutra 09-09-13 05:43 PM

Touring across S. Nebraska
Has anyone toured across southern Nebraska....... US 6/34 then across on Nebraska 136? Another route I am looking at is across on Hwy 2.

mobile_simon 09-09-13 06:23 PM

Check out Google Street View if you can. 136 looks varied..... some narrow spots, some wide shoulders...mostly no cars in sight.

However, Nebraska is tiled and has an insane amount of backroads to chose from. If it were me I would navigate the backroads. Guaranteed to have very little traffic and better chances of stealth camping.

jamawani 09-09-13 06:33 PM

Where are you going K?

The Sandhills region is one of the most scenic ways to cross the Great Plains. Unfarmed, natural grasslands.
It is north of US 30 / I-80 and west of US 81.

Hwy 2 is quite scenic with fairly light traffic - parallel railroad.
Hwy 92 is extremely scenic, almost no traffic, remote.
US 30, US 34 - - meh. Moderate-plus traffic, usually with shoulders, farmland and flat.

Hwy 4 and Hwy 74 are better back roads in southern Nebraska. Rolling farmland - light traffic.

Doug64 09-09-13 07:47 PM

You might also consider Highway 20 across northern Nebraska. That was some of the more enjoyable riding on our cross country tour. We've talked about going back and doing just the Nebraska portion. There are many really nice small towns, and most allow camping in their city parks. You also won't see many other cyclists, as it is not on any established route. I consider this a plus.

The "butte country" in NW Nebraska.

doublegg66 09-09-13 08:02 PM

nice area there,I live in Chadron,and do a lot of my riding farther north in the Black hills.

tgbikes 09-15-13 07:23 AM

I live in Omaha, I've done highways 20 & 30 across the state . The southern crossing in bits. but Much preferred. Highway 30 is very flat the shoulder is iffy. I would stick to city, county parks. some State parks are not tent friendly, tables set in concrete, 20 ft. from a tree. Bicycles are exempt from the much demanded park sticker. Anything RED will serve you well in Ne. football or politics.

Konasutra 09-15-13 08:17 AM

Thanks for the responses.. I will be riding from W. Colorado to 40 miles East of Omaha. The straightest route for me would be the exstream south route. I have been looking at going north from here to Steamboat Sprs. then to Laramie and then to Scottsbluff and up to Alliance and across on Hwy 20. Would be some Interstate riding for bit East of Laramie. The North and Southern border route are the best for crossing into Iowa.

jamawani 09-15-13 09:13 AM

If you are planning on leaving soon, you may need to detour up into Wyoming because of the flooding.
But if you are planning this for later on - I might suggest Walden to Fort Collins along the Cache la Poudre River.
(Really, really sweet ride - busier on the weekends, little traffic weekdays.)
From Fort Collins you could head east via Sterling and, perhaps, Julesburg.

From there the question is what you want -
You can take US 6 / US 34 - but it is nothing to write home about.
Same goes for US 30 paralleling I-80 across Nebraska. Meh.

My bet would be to zig up to Hwy 92 and ride the Sandhills.
In eastern Neb you can take an unpaved rail trail from Brainerd to Valparaiso (or county roads)
Then there's a nice back way along the Platte with a great converted rail/trail bridge at South Bend.
Hwy 66 into Plattsmouth is narrow, but the crossing over the Missouri is quiet - - avoiding Omaha.

Many of the small towns have free camping in the town park - or very cheap.
There are also state parks and recreation areas all along this route.
Plus, you can always ride off pavement 1 mile on a dirt farm road -
Then set up your tent in a triangle where the intersecting farm road crosses.

Konasutra 09-16-13 09:22 AM

Not going till June 2014. I am familiar with all the options of getting across Neb. just not ever heard of anyone riding the very south route across Neb. Living in Grand junction the easiest route from here to do the northern route is GJ to Rifle > Craig > Steamboat > Walden > Laramie > Cheyenne > Scottsbluff > HWY 26 then angle up to HWY 2 and then catch HWY 20 farther East. Having family in Iowa I have been across Neb. too many times to count. I actually work for a company based out of Scottsbluff. Just never been across Neb. way south and thought touring across might be fun.

South route from here would be.......... GJ > Montrose > Gunnison > Salida > Pueblo > Ordway > Eads > then north up tp Yuma/Wray,CO. to catch HWY 34 to HWY 136 and then cross in to Iowa at Nebraska City. This is the route I am leaning towards since I am totally familiar with the upper part of the State of CO. and Neb., and have been in S. Wyoming a lot.

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