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Anyone tried this StemCAPtain compass?

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Anyone tried this StemCAPtain compass?

Old 12-31-13, 01:08 AM
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Anyone tried this StemCAPtain compass?

Hello all,

I've read about two pages of found threads on compasses, but no one has mentioned the StemCAPtain compass 3.0, https://www.stemcaptain.com/shop/ste...mpass-3-0-new/

First of all I have a GPS unit. Not my dream unit, but I have one. I really just need the compass to be reassured on direction and every once in awhile get headed the right direction. This is in the city and night time riding. I want to be pretty sure on direction and think the fastest way would be with this StemCAPtain. The way I look at is that I should be having the right direction and pedaling before the GPS even gets booted up. I carry my GPS in my pack and use it when needed. I don't even see my Suunto as being an advantage as I'll have to get that in my pack too, (assuming I'm not doing orienteering.)

Commenting on steel parts on the bike don't really do much to forward the discussion either. I pretty much agree to what the manufacturers are saying regarding this. Also alot of my bike is either aluminum or carbon.

Anyone with experience on this 3.0 compass? As always, any and all comments are most welcomed and appreciated.
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Old 12-31-13, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by User1 View Post
Commenting on steel parts on the bike don't really do much to forward the discussion either. I pretty much agree to what the manufacturers are saying regarding this. Also alot of my bike is either aluminum or carbon.
Sorry if this does not "forward the discussion" but I had a similar compass built into a bell mounted on the handlebar and the compass did not work well due to the steel bolts in my stem, steel brake cable and steel bolts on brake levers. I chucked it. I have a compass clipped onto my watch band for when I need to use a compass and do not have a bigger better one handy.

I assumed an Aluminum stem and handlebar would result in it working fine, but there was still too much steel.
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Old 12-31-13, 09:23 AM
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Unless you are touring off road, I question the value of a compass in the first place. Sort of useful if you are on a local street with no direction signs and no sun. But then again you could always ask directions in a town.
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Old 12-31-13, 10:47 AM
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I got a Bobble clip on ball compass, placed out on my handlebar bag ..

But, If you want a more accurate compass , get one for actual Map reading and orientation..

(that Suunto) & walk away from the bike. a ways ..

[probably a N/M ... as you say ... 'I got a GPS',

I'm an old guy, now with a box full of paper maps from My various European bike tours]

OK it has stainless steel base, on it, is everything else on the handlebars Iron Free?

(is the thing even close ?) I had one of the bell-ball compasses ,
it was manufactured 90 degrees out of whack , so just a gimmick.

So I guess you have to wait for someone else to chime in with nice things to say about the stem captain compass ..

may need patience , in a tech loving generation..

On a steel ship surrounding the compass on it are the 'Captain's Balls'.
2 masses of Iron whose location, opposite sides, around the compass compensates
for all the steel of the ship itself. and is calibrate before the Ship leaves Port ..
though there is a reliance of GPS , there .. But the compass is right in front of the helm.

you may make a creative thing around the stem captain Mount to do something like that .

so the needle points to true north [it differs from magnetic north..
a good map Indicates that.]

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Old 01-01-14, 06:07 AM
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All the bar-mounted compasses that I've tried haven't worked well due to the other metal components all around it. I'm very pleased with the compass on my Garmin Edge, although it can get confused when not moving. Most Garmin Edge models give an 8-point compass, but I would prefer it if they were 16-point; on the new Edge 810, you can access an image screen from the map that shows a virtual compass so that the precise bearing is readable.
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Old 01-01-14, 07:58 AM
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that looks an awful lot like the 75-cent bar-mounted bobbly compass
i bought last week. took it out for a spin today and it seemed to be
accurate....+/- 15 degrees or so.
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Old 01-01-14, 08:47 AM
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Like everyone else, I can't comment on the actual compass you asked about but I have used their thermometer and I like it. It is accurate within 1 or 2 degrees but in the bright sun it can give a false high reading. The quality is very good and if I wanted the compass, I would seriously consider theirs.

Also, I have dealt with their customer service and it was quick and responsive. If you have a specific question, you might email them.
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Old 01-17-14, 07:35 PM
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Had to return. I could not trust the readings. They were often inaccurate or took too long to change direction. I really hoped it would work.
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Old 01-17-14, 09:05 PM
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I'd put that $25 towards an iPhone it a has a REALLY great compass
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