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bikehog164 02-09-14 02:05 PM

Looking for beginers routes Hertfordshire, UK
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows a nice easy touring route in Hertfordshire, UK for a little weekend, with either somewhere to camp or hotels I don't have a preference thank you.

djb 02-10-14 08:41 AM

I'd post over in the Brit CTC forums, you probably will get better and more locally informed answers from a UK bike forum, all the best. I'm sure you can get some good suggestions over there.

MichaelW 02-10-14 09:14 AM

see sustrans

djb 02-10-14 09:44 AM

MichaelW, thanks for that link. I will save that for if and when I eventually get over to bike around where relatives are in the UK. I just took a quick peek and it looks like a pretty neat organization, similar to La Route Verte that Velo Quebec has set up here in Quebec, Canada, with route suggestions of either paths or less busy roads. So nice to have this info when going into an area one doesnt know so one can avoid horrible roads.

thanks again.

bikehog164 02-18-14 11:28 AM

Thanks guys will have a look at brit CTC forums and that sustrans

fietsbob 02-18-14 11:47 AM

Got an OS [paper] map of the area? they're probably still at the Booksellers shops.

bikehog164 02-24-14 05:39 AM

What about a print out from online or something?

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