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Badgerjohn 02-16-14 07:49 PM

Maya trailer
Any input on the Maya trailer? Looking at trailers. Anything besides the BOB? Or is it the bomb?

staehpj1 02-17-14 05:32 AM

Have you considered the Extrawheel trailer?

It looks like a decent way to go.

oddtanlines 02-17-14 05:49 PM

Here's an interesting link from a person who has used both the BoB and the Extrawheel. I was heading toward the Burley Nomad, but am now planning on buying the Extrawheel. There were three compelling arguments:
1) It is much lighter than the Burley and, therefore, easier to cart through airports and hotels.
2) The Extrawheel is a single-width, as opposed to a double wheel that is a constant concern for roadside obstacles.
3) It uses regular panniers, which are more water resistant than the Nomad according to some users.

Aushiker 02-18-14 10:58 PM

Not familiar with the Maya (link would be nice) but have owned a BOB Ibex (now sold) and now days I use my Extrawheel Voyager regularly.

Extrawheel in recent use ...

and the BoB Ibex behind the same bike ...


lanahk 02-23-14 07:12 PM

The Maya looks like a decent, cheaper alternative to the BOB. The wheelbarrow feature is a nice touch. The BOB is well-tested and has a good reputation, but there's no reason not to try the Maya if it looks like it suits your needs.

Cyclebum 02-23-14 08:32 PM

Fullcount 02-23-14 09:48 PM

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Love my Maya Cycle. Travels great behind the bike. Had a couple of issues with the QR for the rear wheel as the new version did not fit the width of my cassette. However, the old version fit fine. The other thing I have had issue with is the rear fender loosens on roughy terrain. I just took mine off and left it off. Love the kick stand. My pack rain cover fits great over the supplied bag.

I chose the Maya due to the functionality and the fact I could turn my old Peugeot US Express into a touring rig.

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