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wiiiim 02-20-14 04:52 AM

Halfway around the world, photo trip summary
I made a short summary with photos of my latest trip, about 20 months worth of cycling (24000km) with a lot of projects along the way, through 25 countries, parts of Europe, Africa, Central and South America.

You can find it here!
Hope you enjoy!!

PolarBear007 02-20-14 05:13 AM

That's quite an amazing journey! I am sure there are so many things that you experienced which are impossible to fully articulate - thanks for inviting us readers a view into your journey.

axolotl 02-20-14 07:57 AM

It's a very nicely written narrative with excellent photos.

raybo 02-20-14 09:35 AM

Fabulous photos, nice commentary.

mdilthey 02-20-14 10:32 AM

Wicked cool! Do you have a blog where we can follow you?

ak08820 02-21-14 07:15 AM

Very inspirational!
Where can we read more in detail?
How did you take such beautiful photos?

wiiiim 02-22-14 08:43 AM

Thank you!
I didn't make a blog really, but I could try and put some more pictures on Flickr later on if people are interested

Rwc5830 02-22-14 06:51 PM

Very nice! A blog or journal on would be great.

Congrats on your journey

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