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clg 02-25-14 07:58 PM

Osmand Map App
While reading a thread a while back I learned about Osmand map app that some people thought was useful for navigation while using a Nexus tablet. Well I have a question and I would guess many others would as well; how do you start from some place other than where you are? I'm trying to set my route but it isn't allowing me to pick a start point other than where the GPS says I am. I've read online that it can be done but other it's not explained step by step. I'm thinking it's probably simple but I'm stuck so I'd appreciate some help.

seeker333 02-25-14 09:53 PM

I can help you with this but not much more, I'm not an Osmand expert...

1. Locate desired destination point on map, either by searching or touching and holding location on map until little "location box" pops up. Touch the box and a menu pops up, select "Set as destination".

2. Repeat 1) for starting point, except select "Directions From". Box will popup, select "Display route" or "Start navigation". If you have not already downloaded a voice file, Osmand will prompt you to DL file. Otherwise voice prompt will start immediately if you choose "Start navigation".

Basically you define the destination first, then define starting point (default is to start from GPS current location).

clg 02-26-14 02:35 PM

Thanks Seeker333, I'll be trying this out this evening. That explains some of the info I found on the internet but your info makes much more sense.

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