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antokelly 02-26-14 10:33 AM

grand Bios tyres QUERY
Hi All,

So are any of you folk using grand bios tyres for loaded touring.

my plan is to use just rear pannier on my new touring bike plus barbag.but i will be using the bike for day rides as well .i was thinking of going for 700X 32 but which model is best,i dont want to be fixing punctures every time i load up the bike.
the tyres look like a slick which i like,so any idea what i should get.



Bike Hermit 02-26-14 11:54 AM

We have used the 650b version and found them to be prone to punctures until we installed some lightweight kevlar tire liners in them. The liners didn't seem to affect the performance too much. These tires roll extremely well- as advertised.

antokelly 02-26-14 12:23 PM

thanks for that bike hermit:thumb:

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