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fietsbob 04-01-14 11:56 AM

Well there you go, Taiwan made and distributor and retailer margins on all the Surly/Salsa QBP brands .

yea a Rohloff will have an Up front cost *, but once that is behind you will be good for a very long time,

with a bit of regular oil-changes and the occasional replacement cog .. it will go in any 135 wide

* found a 2nd hand hub for $800 ..

and a whole 3rd hand trekking bike with one , for $2K..

DogBoy 04-01-14 01:15 PM

I have been looking for a 26" touring bike. I have a 700 LHT but toe overlap on the 56cm frame bothers me often due to my regular route. I have a troll, but it is set up for winter commuting and I wanted n+1. I looked seriously at the pangea. then I would look at the disc trucker. $470 for frame/fork vs just under $2k. What do you get for the money? High quality US made steel bike in a custom color and a kickstand plate. All that said, I still almost got it just because it is a very pretty bike. Then I remembered that most of my "touring" is to/from work. I just ordered the disc trucker frame.

2travelers 04-01-14 07:43 PM

Getting back to the video & the "pro cycle tourist"....wouldn't we love to be that guy with that job title!

antokelly 04-02-14 02:53 AM

yeah he sure is some cookie one of the best blaggers in the cycling world i reckon .free cloths free bikes free hotels free meals huh who the f..k would work when you can do all that.
or am i reading things all wrong jealious who me never.

Caretaker 04-02-14 04:46 AM


Originally Posted by antokelly (Post 16634123)
yeah he sure is some cookie one of the best blaggers in the cycling world i reckon .free cloths free bikes free hotels free meals huh who the f..k would work when you can do all that.
or am i reading things all wrong jealious who me never.

His name is Darren Alff and I suppose you could call him a cycle-touring internet entrepreneur. I'm sure the Co-motion is a very fine bike but unless I win the lottery there's no way I'd consider buying one.


B200Pilot 04-02-14 07:17 PM

I've been following Darren Alff (The Bicycle Touring Pro - guy) for a while now. He is a very nice guy and he has one thing for sure. He has done a lot of bike touring throughout America, Europe, Africa, etc. He makes his living off this by selling books, etc but also has some sort of web-based business. I read a lot of his reviews and after all they are his personal point of view. If anyone wants to get a thorough review on the NWT from Bike Friday, Darren has made a pretty good one and he points the "Good" and the "Bad". Co-Motion is a very expensive bike but it's of high quality.

Like Darren, I travel the world quite a bit, but for different reasons. I wanted a high end bicycle that I would be able to bring on the aircraft with me, get out of the airport, put it together and start riding. I opted for the Surly LHT deluxe. I can fit it in a normal 62" case (L x W x H). I paid over $2400 (CAD) for my bike, but it's custom built with good parts. The frame was over $1000. I don't regret buying it and it serves my purpose very well. I wish it was a little easier to put together, but it's not a folding bike... The Co-Motion Pangea (the bike this guy has) is something similar, but a lot better than what I have. Is it worth $6000? Hmm I don't know... but when you do what he does, I think it's justified. His review looks good (from a promotional point of view), but that's because all his reviews are high quality... That's why people follow him on FB and follow his web-site..

Bicycle Touring Pro - How To Plan Your Next Bicycle Touring Adventure

So to answer your question. I think he's legit... but remember.. these are his own opinions...

P.S. here's a review of the Bike Friday... compare that to the video of the Co-Motion

The Ultimate Bike Friday New World Tourist Review

corwin1968 09-12-14 08:58 PM

I love this guy's video and his blog review of the Pangea. The Co-Motion Pangea and it's equivalent R&E UTB are my dream bikes. Bikes of this style are very rare and tend to be quite expensive. As an experiment and a proof of concept, I took a 1995 Trek 730, a 700c hybrid, and put 26" wheels with 55mm Big Apple tires on it. I swapped the stock fork out for the fork from a similar sized 1992 Specialized Rockhopper so I could at least have a front brake. The result is amazing!!

I ended up with a relatively stiff and stout bike that has 26" wheels and fat tires yet doesn't have the long top-tube and high bottom bracket that is common among mountain bikes. In fact, it's very similar to the Pangea. Both have 73 degree seat angles and 71.5 degree head angles. The 730 and Pangea of BB drops of 60mm and 55mm, respectively. Fork rakes of 41mm and 45mm respectively and top-tubes of 57cm and 56cm, respectively. The only big difference is that the Pangea has 45cm chainstays and the 730 has 43cm chainstays. The Pangea is about 20mm longer in the wheelbase.

I like the ride of my modified 730 so much that i will either buy a Long Haul Trucker frameset or save up for a Pangea or R&E UTB. It's a fantastic design that is fun to ride yet capable of doing many things. A perfect "all-rounder".

MassiveD 09-13-14 01:27 AM

If is really a pro he is getting paid for the Otliebs as well, and just about anything else that makes an appearance, including at times stuff that isn't bicycle related. Read Jack Sampsons book on being an outdoor router. They don't mention anything they aren't getting paid for. That said, when the Crazy guy got a Comotion he didn't get it for free. You really have to sell a lot of bikes for comping a bike to make any sense.

The S&S aren't made by Comotion.

For the most part his claims are actually modest. About the only thing that I didn't think was true was claims about the ruggedest terrain, clearly not.

Carries three water bottles, will wonders never cease. A lot of claims of that type are the same for any bike.

The main one that is true and unique to custom bikes is the customization piece, but he doesn't go on to mention what if anything about that paid off.

As far as head tube size, no, no advantage in stiffness or bearings. These are characteristics, but not advantages. The oversized bearings are for taking huge drops on MTBs, and in his case it is also an internal type. Touring bikes were always fine with 1" but 1" is sorta obsolete, like a variety of things from the past that were better, but have been beaten down by progress. I use oversize headtubes because you need them for some bikes so I only have the tools for the larger size, just makes stuff easier, not that Comotion would be worried about that, they are very well outfitted.

njkayaker 09-13-14 06:01 AM

It's an advertisement. Kind of a nauseating one too.

The bicycle he is using is a co-motion frame using components that are used on other bikes.

Can the co-motion frame be that uniquely magical?

Co-motion makes very nice frames.

It's silly to suggest that there aren't others that are equally as good. Which is what the commercial is saying.

njkayaker 09-13-14 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by hueyhoolihan (Post 16574391)
no, there is no truth in the video. it's a prime example of advertising BS... almost a caricature, really.:)

It's truly an awful commercial, full of "puffery".

nun 09-13-14 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by njkayaker (Post 17125880)
It's truly an awful commercial, full of "puffery".

The guy has ridden thousands of miles in lots of different countries so he has way more experience of touring than me and probably most people on this site. But I find it difficult to watch his videos.

jargo432 09-13-14 07:02 AM

Just think, if we were all rich we would be having the same conversation about Corvette vs Lamborghini.

fietsbob 09-13-14 08:29 AM

Seems now everyone feels compelled to have a multimedia show of their tours .. the electronics sellers approve of all that ..

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