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spinnaker 04-01-14 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Dfrost (Post 16630359)
That's on the way up to Paradise, a beautiful old lodge on the south side of Mt. Rainier in Washington. It's a long (18 mile) climb on the bike from the south (Longmire) entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park to the lodge, but it is also a fabulously beautiful road, too, and not just for the views of the mountain top.

Yeah I thought it looked familiar. Rainier. I have to get out there on the bicycle.

How did you find just a beautiful crisp clear day? Any time I have been near Rainer it was raining!

MassiveD 04-01-14 08:20 PM

Another option if you like your bar end mirror is to put the shifter from the left side on the downtube, if you have the gear for it. I don't shift that one as much and I actually find the downtube easier to run because the downtube is so rigid for the long heavy throw of that shifter. I like bar ends for the rear deraileur. I grew up when state of the art was downtube or barend.

dwmckee 04-01-14 09:35 PM

Spinnaker - Good riding with you last week. Hey, when I can find mine this is what I use: Blackburn Road Mirror at BikeTiresDirect The picture has the mirror twisted backwards, but basically it fits on the brake hood and secures with a Velcro strap. Great view and this will break first when your bike falls so it may even save a few scrapes. (I have broken 3 of these and each time it prevented a scraped brake hood...

irwin7638 04-03-14 07:42 AM

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Originally Posted by sculbertson (Post 16624204)
I really like the "German Ultralight Mirror" available at Rivendell. It works great with bar end shifters.

Me too. They fit on just about anyplace and have a great field of vision. You can find them on Amazon and Adventure cycling also.


zeppinger 04-03-14 08:04 AM

I like this Axiom mirror a lot. Used it all across Asia and didnt have any problems.
Axiom Fastflash DLX Universal Handlebar Mirror: Super Convex in Tree Fort Bikes Mirrors (cat148)

OldZephyr 04-05-14 07:06 AM

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I too have used Erick's suggestion with a Mirrycle mirror -- works great, have it on 3 different bikes in our family!

amazer98 04-06-14 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by sculbertson (Post 16624204)
I really like the "German Ultralight Mirror" available at Rivendell. It works great with bar end shifters.

I second the recommendation! After having used a series of mirrors, I can say that this one stands alone as the best.

Eric S. 06-03-14 05:42 PM

I started using a Blackburn Road Mirror last week though I was aware of its weaknesses (shaking and constantly needing re-adjustment).

Well, both are true but I seem to have solved the re-adjustment problem. I first tried roughing up the ball joint with some sandpaper, but that didn't help. This afternoon I took it apart again, cut a piece of padded bar tape and put it between the mirror and ball joint. It increased the resistance to movement considerably. I just came back from a 3-mile round trip to the store over numerous bumps and I didn't need to adjust it at all!

It still shakes, but so did my trusty Rhode Gear hood-mount lever that I loved until vibration fatigued the metal mount.

Louis Le Tour 06-03-14 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by Dfrost (Post 16629465)
Take-a-look mirror, mounted on the helmet with the helmet adapter, also shown, is our favorite. Very secure, easily adjusted, but stays put.

The price range is from $16.95 to $1,695. I'm assuming the higher priced models have a lot of bling attached? Actually, this is the first mirror I bought and didn't like it so it got tossed onto a shelf and replaced with another helmet mount mirror that had a smaller mirror with a vertical orientation. It got thrown into the trash and back onto the helmet went the first mirror. After riding with it for a month I'm starting to like it. Sometimes a guy just has to stick with something for awhile and it'll work. Imagine that!

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