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RaleighSport 03-31-14 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by RaleighSport (Post 16628544)

Either you are mistaken or I did not state my idea as clearly as I had thought. Probably my fault. I was planning to follow their full path, thought I am reconsidering that, but not using any of their facilities. I had originally asked if the DALMAC peeps care much if I camped with them but apparently that is a hot-button issue for some reason I can't understand and so, if I did go, would probably not do that. I would have no reason to rely on other riders because I would likely be far more self contained than them. I would hope that if something did happen, such as a crash or something, that they would help as human beings but from some of the responses so far I am not so sure. I would certainly help out any of them with repair should anything happen to them! That's just common courtesy between fellow cyclists!

Yes definitely a hot button issue, and if I were in your shoes I'd probably just go a day or two behind the event or maybe ahead.. and you'd be amazed at the lack of common courtesy amongst some serious riders. I've stopped to help stranded roadies before and seen the same roadies zip right on by without a word when I've been broken down myself.. you can't let it bum you out though. There's creeps everywhere and good people too. Either way, best of luck to you in your riding!

MMACH 5 03-31-14 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by zeppinger (Post 16628519)

Originally Posted by MMACH 5 (Post 16628481)
However, when asked why you want to go on this ride, you reply that you think the large group of riders would make for a safer, more relaxed environment to ride a route that they put their time into exploring. It sounds to me that you want to partake in exactly what they offer for their fee.

Hardly. The DALMAC has been going on for 30-40 years depending on who you ask. The route choices are known to all just with a quick glance at the free map on their website.

You conveniently ignored that part. The fact that they are riding as a group on a route that you stated you've never ridden. So, you DO want to participate in this ride. You don't want to pay for meals or accommodations that you won't use.
Here's a comparison.
I don't drink alcohol. However, there was a group that I used to camp with who did drink alcohol. There was a food/spirits fund that we all pitched into. It was divided evenly amongst all participants. Was it wrong that my $ went toward the alcohol? Maybe. However, the food was almost exclusively BBQ & smoked sausage. There were members of the group who were vegetarians. They brought their own food but still pitched into the fund. The thinking amongst these folks, I think was if don't drink or eat meat, you should probably join a different group.

It's a whole package deal. Another comparison. My 25 high school reunion was a few years ago. They were asking for $150 a person to attend. This included a Friday night social, a Saturday picnic and a Saturday night formal. For my wife and I to attend, it would be $300. If we brought our three kids, $750. We were not interested in the social or the formal dance. We only wanted to attend the picnic. Unfortunately, there was no option for "pay for what you use." It was buy the package or don't. We didn't buy the package.

You are expecting to participate in the group ride. Does that not have a value?

PhotoJoe 03-31-14 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by zeppinger (Post 16628137)
lol to absolutely all of this :50: ^ Thanks for going off topic again though. If there are no useful contributions then the moderators are welcome to close the thread. Have a good ride everyone!

I think people's opinions are pretty clear. Per your request....closed.

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