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arcticbiker 04-04-14 10:04 AM

It depends on the terrain, your bike riding style and the amount of gear you plan to haul.
Packed for dirt road travelling
Packed for a mix of pavement and gravel roads ( I posted this earlier, sorry for redundancy)

Single wheel trailer needs a place to lean bike when stopped if fully loaded. I really enjoy the BOB.

Distinguished 04-05-14 04:40 PM

Hampshire Bicycle Exchange Visit (LBS)

I went to my local bike shop & the owner, Will, had the SKS Raceblade long fenders and Axiom Streamliner DLX Rear Rack.

SKS Bicycle Fender Raceblade Road Long 700 Set Silver Bike | eBay

Axiom Streamliner Dlx Rear Bicycle Bike Pannier Rack | eBay

He'd sell me both for ~$90.

The Problem

Both the fenders and the rear rack attach to my Cannondale's rear quick release skewer.

Will mentioned that the skewer end caps might not be adequately threaded to the skewer threads because of the space the fender and rear rack mounts occupy. He also mentioned that adding extra space between the skewer end caps and the dropouts makes it more likely that the quick release skewer will fail to hold the wheel to the frame.

If I'm carrying my team's bike trailer, and I add both the SKS Raceblade Longs & Axiom Streamliner DLX Rear Rack via quick release skewer, then I would have THREE separate mounts between the quick release skewer end caps and the rear dropouts.

Some questions:

1. Should I get a longer skewer to accommodate the fenders, rack, & trailer mounts?

2. Should I just attach the fenders & rack via P-clamps, and the trailer via quick release skewer?

3. Does adding space between the quick release end caps & the dropouts really cause the wheel to be more likely to fall off?

Distinguished 04-05-14 04:46 PM

By the way, does anyone know where I can find the visual anatomy of a quick release skewer? I would like to use the standard names for the parts I'm referring to.

(I've tried Google & Bing to no avail, thanks for the reply Fietsbob!)

fietsbob 04-05-14 04:48 PM

google may .

An eccentric is what the lever turns , which pulls a hole in the skewer, which stretches the skewer and compresses the end caps .

squeezing the bike frame and the hollow axle.

mev 04-06-14 12:12 PM

While I've done most of my touring with panniers, I somehow also have three different trailers (but don't have an automobile). I use them for slightly different purposes:

1. Extrawheel trailer. I took this on ride from Portland to Denver last year. If I was focused just on touring, then this would be my choice. It handles and tracks very well - with hookup low (like the bob) but seems to track even better. I like having it take panniers. There is less trailer to haul and store if I am flying. I also like that it takes same size wheel as my bike so I don't have to worry about separate inner tubes, tires.
2. Burley Travoy. This is my around town and haul groceries trailer. It does very well at task of hauling groceries. While I could take it on tour, it would be least preferred since have two wheels to track.
3. Bob Yak. This is probably the most versatile trailer. It has single wheel and the cargo bay is nice and big so I can put a lot of different types of things in it. It attaches low on wheel which helps the handling and tracking.

So depending on situation and I wasn't riding with panniers: (a) extra wheel is my favorite if I'm focused primarily on touring (b) Burley Travoy is my grocery trailer and could use in touring but would be my least favorite in that task (c) Bob Yak is versatile for both tasks and for odd-sized things but I personally have slightly less preference than Travoy for groceries and Extra Wheel for touring.

For the two specific craigslist postings you pointed at: would be the one I prefer.

KFC 07-28-14 07:28 PM

I am seriously considering using a trailer on my proposed transcontinental ride, and I like, at least conceptually, the 'Extra Wheel' . I have never seen one but I have watched their promotional videos. I like the idea of all wheels being the same diameter and hence spinning at the same speed. It is lighter than a BOB and I would think that the shorter wheel base of the entire rig would make for better handling. I ride a Trek 520 which, I presume, should have no difficulty hauling the trailer. I am most interested in the opinions (good or bad) of anybody that has used one of these trailers.

fietsbob 07-29-14 09:42 AM

The Company Website Bicycle Trailer -

Walter S 07-29-14 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by KFC (Post 16983711)
I like the idea of all wheels being the same diameter and hence spinning at the same speed.


KFC 07-29-14 12:00 PM

Symmetry (the correctness in size, form and arrangement of parts on opposite sides of a plane, line or point; regularity of form or arrangement in terms of like, reciprocal, or corresponding parts.)

fietsbob 07-29-14 01:12 PM

2 front wheels, same diameter means you only need one size tube and a spare 4th tire.

damage the bike's rim and you can rebuild using the trailer rim

wildly bent, stomped on to get close to flat again, and such, will matter less on it. just has to go around.

Fullcount 07-29-14 07:57 PM

2 Attachment(s)
You asked for pictures.

How about the Maya Trailer. Pulls great and love the stand.

bicyclridr4life 08-03-14 05:23 PM

I like 2 wheeled "kiddie hauler" trailers from Walmart. I leave the seatbelts and seats off, they make great cargo trailers, and can carry 100 pounds (or more, in a pinch). The sometimes optional sometimes included "stroller" front wheel is absolutely wonderful. You can disconnect the trailer from the bike, and use it as a shopping cart.

KFC 09-04-14 08:02 PM

The stand is an interesting feature, but I still like the idea of concentrating the load on the trailer instead on the rear wheel of the bike. The MYA trailer, like the BOB, suspends the load between the trailer wheel and the rear wheel of the bike.

rifraf 09-05-14 11:19 AM

I love both my Carry Freedom Y-frame (large) and my Extrawheel trailer.
I use the Carry Freedom for tarmac and my Extrawheel for mixed surface touring.
A single wheel trailer is vastly superior off road and a dual wheel can handle bigger and/or heavier loads.

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