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one_beatnik 03-31-14 09:23 AM

Aosom VS BOB
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I've been looking for a trailer for my cousin to tour with and stumbled upon this brand on Ebay. I've been using a BOB for 12 years so know it's characteristics. Anyone familiar with the Aosom One Wheeled Trailer?

It looks like a BOB knock-off, but it folds. Of course the price is in the basement compared to BOB, but that's not always the best thing either.

tmac100 04-06-14 08:48 AM

I did a Google search and came up with this address ...

Aosom Solo Single-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Bike Trailer

OTOH, I used a Bob Ibex for several long distance tours and while it was great, it was EXPENSIVE to take on a plane. The last time I should have just dumped it in Australia instead of paying for air freight. Now I will tour with reduced stuff (carried too much with the Bob) and maybe make better time. don't get me wrong, the Ibex was an excellent trailer, but culky for shipping.

fietsbob 04-06-14 09:18 AM

I see a phone number on the contact us page, above , ask the company ..

based in Metro Portland, low cost suggests its Imported from Asia, as well ..

BoB is coming out of ROC ..

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