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martonkaa 04-01-14 03:33 PM

Help please, my options are limited, bicycle for long journeys
Hi, I want to buy a bicycle which is capable for packaged tours, as well as daily use in the town. It would be nice if it can go trough wooden trails or grass fields with ease. I read tons of discussions about the usability of a cyclocross bike as a touring bike.However , I live in Hungary, my options and budget are limited. I can spend around 1100 usd. Also I would like to purchase one with horn accelerators ( sorry hunglish language). In this price range I found these:

Ridgeback Advance 4.0 2013 Hybrid Bike | Evans Cycles

It says it's a hybrid bike, well I don't know what is it really.

Ridgeback Tour - Hellovelo

A lovely touring bike

GIANT Revolt 2 - Mesterbike

Another cyclocross bike

TCX 2 (2013) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | United States

And a Merida cyclocross 3

I image these types of bikes can be really enjoyable because of their large capabilities. Anyway please help me I don't know which is the best

Dave Cutter 04-01-14 03:39 PM

Nashbar ( has their TR1 Touring Bike and Performance has the Fuji Touring Road Bike.

Barrettscv 04-01-14 04:34 PM

Welcome to Bikeforums!

I'm moving the thread to the Touring Forum

Cyclebum 04-01-14 05:21 PM

The most critical concern is that the bike fit you. Fit is First. Get a handle on the size that comes closest to fitting you. You can tweak the fit to perfection with lots of riding experience.

The Ridgeback Tour has a gearing range appropriate to touring long distance that will probably involve some steep climbs. For an all purpose bike, better to have access to low gearing. You'll rarely run out of high gear.

A bike is a frame with a bunch of components attached. These can be altered to suit you as experience dictates. If the frame is sized right to start with.

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